Suggestion - Chat - Who am I talking to?

: I do wish the chat was player to player and not hero to hero, I get confused on who I'm talking to.

Maybe we could have Player - Hero, instead of just hero.  I think player is the primary information and hero name is secondary information, especially as you can have up to six heroes.


Stitch - Ecnelis,

Stitch - Zlata

Stitch - Dingbat 

Stitch - Nedlog.   I have these 4, although I am only playing Two at the moment.

11 month ago

I have another suggestion for the chat program. I would like to see some kind of conferencing feature added to the Alliance chat. Something like "go to meeting" for chat. There are many times when you are trying to get together a game plan for your alliance with your deputies, and you forced to send a separate pm's, in order to get the info out. It would make things so much easier if we could invite individuals to a "meeting".

11 month ago