Having the Alliance tab is great, with the Alliance chat being a great way of staying in contact, however, it has a draw back in that our Alliance members in reality live in different time zones, and come and go at various times, also skipping between heroes, which means communications can be easily missed.

My suggestion would be for a "white board" or "notice/news" boards as a sub tab within the Alliance Tab where messages can be left for members who are not currently on line.  It could also be used for planning future events or useful discoveries made by the members of the Alliance, or simple things like saying they are planning a new town and which cell do other members think might be the best site for it etc. The possibilities are endless.

4 years ago

we will have a message tab eventually :) A place to leave messages that will not be lost by switching.

4 years ago

That would be brilliant - many thanks

4 years ago

Time I think to dust off an old post about an alliance noticeboard under the alliance tab.  We (Pleiades) have a Cloud where we store all sorts of useful information and other alliances have other systems such as web sites, but what the game needs is a built in alliance notice board for important information. 

Things like someone is off on holiday and when they can be expected back.  Or working on a victory and require additional help, birthdays, people being ill and not knowing when they can return.  Also things like who the levy is but what they actually want in the way of resources.  Or maybe leaving questions - does anyone know the answer to X.  Or I have found a new secret it can be found at Y.  So many useful things.

Yes - they can be placed in ac - but if you have a chatty alliance, messages can so easily be lost in the mass of talking, especially when people are playing in different time zones.

2 weeks 3 days ago

I agree with Dordiana - it was a great idea when she originally posted and I think it still is. The game changes and moves on each time we log in and it is easy to miss the important messages amongst the daily chat. In our alliance we have tried to come up with other solutions, such as posting important announcements in CAPITAL LETTERS - but it's not been entirely successful and it feels like shouting! We tried a 'Breaking News' folder in our cloud but that didn't work effectively for lots of reasons. An in-game alliance 'notice board' would be a very welcome addition to the game.

2 weeks 3 days ago

How about splitting AC, into Gossip, game stuff and IMPORTANT.  

 Also, would very much like a chat tab. for my hero "note to self", where I can write down stuff I need to remember, like goals for the day, etc.  

2 weeks 2 days ago

love the idea of notes to self too!

2 weeks 2 days ago

Where are we with this suggestion?

1 week 3 days ago

I agree, this would be a nice system.

An alliance wall where we could post a note for all alliance members to see, and, can only be removed by leader/deputies.

1 week 2 days ago

I like most of the preceding. Have the developers ever responded?--obviously not in this thread ...

1 week 1 day ago