Suggestions for characters that join Dewlling

Looking at the different characters that have joined and stayed in dwelling was thinking they should all assist in some way.

Z.  stayed and became science advisor, Bulat  military advisor. Zoryana joined and became a diplomacy advisor. That leaves Lester and Eluia ( Main keeper's daughter). The last 2 just stand around and do nothing in town, so I came up with some ideas.

I was thinking that maybe Lester as "the treasure hunter" can maybe assist in finding one item needed to open a chest. Let's say you have to 13 horseshoe but only found 12, he can assist in locating that last one, hence making him a "treasure hunter" . I know the "seeker guy comes to towns and assist finding 1 item, but, 1: that guys charges very high prices and 2: he appears randomly in any town. Lester would only assist in dwelling. Or. maybe lester can assist at other quest locations where the search for items is needed like anomalies.

Eluia is the daughter of a leader and like such she must have had some training  and charisma, right? She should be able to talk to people and assist with helping the hero in situations when "negotiation" is needed. Maybe talking to the tribe at Gypsy Tabor or the military men there. Or perhaps she can in some way assist in Thornville or even negotiate lower res prices in Zodchy when attempting for a 2nd or more times.

Maybe other players might have better ideas of how to better utilize these 2 characters that at the moment just stand around town doing nothing. AFter all , shouldn't they also earn their keep :))

2 weeks 4 days ago

I like the idea of having those characters help, especially the idea of having Lester help find things. Since he is a treasure hunter, maybe he could have some role in finding gems in the various locations?

2 weeks 3 days ago

I agree.  Lester and Eleuia are meant to do something to help from the beginning.  They just hadn't been implemented yet.  Maybe Lester could find the missing chest items since the locator dude will also find the first random thing on the ground if you haven't made sure to pick up all resources, eggs, acorns, cabbage, bones, roots and beechnuts.  Lester can one-up him as it were but not all the time.  Maybe you get a limited number of chests per week or something or maybe not in all towns as Valkyrie suggested.  

2 weeks 3 days ago

Maybe Lester could be used to dig treasure spots for you?  For a fee of course.

2 weeks 3 days ago

There were plans about them aiding you and continuing their story, but it is not implemented yet

2 weeks 3 days ago