Testing - War Victory, trophies and stripes

Name that trophy :)   Please, can anyone tell me, the level 2, 3 and 4 trophy names and what you have to do, to earn them.   I have had spy trophies, needs 7 losses (or less, maybe).  Sent 90 spies, lost 7, survivors collected enough info, to give 4 mask trophies.  These seem to be the only 2 factors, for this trophy.  Age, distance and rage, making no difference, apparently.

From other posts, in the forum, plunder attacks give little or no stripes, guerilla is also disappointing.  Heroic (on a higher age), when they are enraged, seems to be to best bet.

Stone age attacking classic, also seems to give a decent amount of stripes, more so, than classic attacking Med, although I could be wrong.  Needs more testing :)

1 month ago

Level 2: kill heroes, settlers, siege(rams and catapults) and reinforcements from other players.

Level 3: destroy wall towers boats and do attacks at least 50 cells away from you.

Level 4: just destroy military, economic, supportive and evolutionary buildings.

1 month ago

how many stripes in total do I need for the trophy hall? 

3 weeks 2 days ago

8500 but you need more to build towers in the unlocked location once you have all trophies, lucifleur said he did it by building 6 towers, maybe less is needed but he didn't say how many stripes a tower cost.

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3 weeks 2 days ago