The ultimate guide to caves [SPOILERS]

Would be realy nice with some helpful tips around the spike traps. They make the cave take like forever...

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Would be realy nice with some helpful tips around the spike traps. They make the cave take like forever...

traps are covered on last post page 2

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After certainĀ  delay ;P here comes the final part to the saga - "The Deadly Traps"

General notes:

1) They are really deadly (will kill a hundred units easily with one misstep...)

2) There are no triggers, only clues (yes, those meaningless stones...)

3) Among the clues there are 2 sets of 3 rows wide normal traps - you need to find 2 triggers for each, the usual way (don't use the pics below for guide on them, they are random and might be different each time)

There are 2 ways to go through the deadly traps:

1) Take your hero ONLY and go through by trial and error. Yes, you need to resurrect every time you chose "error" instead of "trial"

2) Try to figure out the clues... or use the spoiler below

Here is a concatenated screenshot of the clues leading to the deadly traps, each written above its stone (you may need to download the image to see the captions, but anyways you have them in the cave)

HINT 1 (for those who still want to figure it out for themselves, the hints will contain increasingly more spoilers - so try after each one :) )

As you can see, apart from reminiscence, there are 2 types of clues: numbers and sun clues (away from the sun and follow the sun). Each of them descibes different parts of the path:

1) sun clues tell you which direction to turn to

2) numbers tell you how many cells to move (after turning)


The hard part is figuring out the order of the clues, as they are scattered around. In general though, they follow the main cave path towards the traps themselves. Here is a screenshot with the order shown:


So now we have the clues in order, the only thing left is deciding which direction is given by which sun clue. Well, I don't know what was the original idea, but I understand it as follows: the sun goes from east through south through west to north and then east again - at least that's what people believed before Galileo... If you draw this circular movement on a map the sun goes clockwise. And so the clues mean:

1) Follow the sun - turn clockwise

2) Away from the sun - turn cunter-clockwise


Just to get you started, I have a screenshot of the first few steps - the number written is where you land after moving the required number of steps, and along the arrows are the clues for where you need to turn (you need to turn as if standing on the cell you landed on, then follow with the next number of moves). I take the first clue ("greet the closest one") as indication that instead of the first turn clue you have a clue that points you to stand in the gate before the first row.

Final HINT (or otherwords, a total spoiler)

If you still didn't manage to figure it out and you're tired of ressurecting, here's the whole path through the traps:

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Btw, after the changes to the travelling speed and therefore to quest locations' positioning on the map, the first post in this thread is largely invalid :(

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Can someone please update this thread with pictures of the trap buttons/activators that aren't broken links?

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