To The PLEIADES And Others I Befriended :))

Hi guys i don't know if any of you have noticed that i have not logged on for almost just over a week, this is because i have been locked out of my account because of the update, that happened sometime around AUG 26th AUG 30th? I have sent a request to have my security details changed but I've had no response yet and I'm pretty sure that my county has been destroyed or is currently being destroyed due to my absence :((. I would like to thank Bazaldi, Cleo, Cricket, Dorinida, Jetta, Lady Lucy, Pinkie, Stitch, Nutso, Samson, Tingatinga, Margo and everyone else who i didn't mention for making this game so enjoyable to play. I won't be gone permanently but for now I need to spend some time away, even if my problem is fixed tomorrow, just knowing I lost the game/progression like that (Over an Update) has really taken a toll on my emotions and to be honest my mental means much more to me than this game right now, so until I've gotten over whats just happened, I'll be taking a break. Goodbye...For Now at least :))).x

1 week 2 days ago

Thank you for your kind words.  Mental health is important, much more important than an online game.  Please take care of yourself.  Many players/testers have taken a break, at various times.  

But it is unfair, that you lost your country/domain, through a bad update.  The update caught out a lot of players this way, another One of our members gave up 2 domains and started a new account.  After the update, I was asked for my secret answer, twice, even though I hadn't changed device.  Lots of people struggled to get back in, after the update, the forum is full of posts, on this matter.

The 'secret answer' seems to have been the worst problem, for many.  Those who have only ever had One device, may have not needed it, for years.  I wonder, how many people just gave up, because they couldn't figure it out, even with the    When was that last updated?   It is definately missing a paragraph on "I have forgotten my secret answer".

1 week 2 days ago

Eiltia - we will have a place for you when you do return.  Good luck in the mean time.  The update caused so many problems, I too was locked out for a day until my techie husband came home to sort it out for me.  Luckily, I did not need my secret answer, as I have no idea what it was now after more than 5 years!

1 week 2 days ago