Unable to play this game

I am about to delete the game totally from my computer.

I don't usually play games with a significant PvP element but stayed with this one in the hope it might develop some balance.  I stayed when my Hero was all but wiped out because my settlement stood in someone's way and played a defensive game because that was all I could do.  I stayed because I wanted to see if it was possible to progress the technical tree without aggression.

Now I believe I can find better things to do with my time.  I play another game where the PVP element does exist but is not central to the ethos of the game, where I can avoid PvP by avoiding certain areas or actions.

No doubt the projected game will continue to be a success with players who prefer PvP, but I don't care to wait around to see.

2 years ago

It sounds you had bad neighbours in game, consider making new hero and try have better defence against others? :)

Some players just are so aggressive , partly because there is victory type called war victory in this game. :(

And you could ask somebody protect you, if you really aren't sure about your defence , maybe player called Sprite. 

2 years ago

Hmmm, Superuser. do I know you? 

I appreciate that you  see me as a good guy, when most see me as an evil bane. :)

2 years ago

Am maybe new to totem tribe 2 but i'm a good neighbour till someone try to attack them will have a hard battle I never give up

1 year ago