Hey guys, I'm confused about something. I've done 4 wealth victories with one of my heroes, and last time I did it (December 2019) I took screenshots of the screens that show everything you're winning when you complete a victory. 

One of the screens clearly says I should now be able to increase my intellect to 90. However, when I just tried to do that, I realised I can increase my vitality to 90, but not intellect. In a way this makes more sense as vitality achievements are listed in the wealth category, while intellect achievements fall under adventure. Yet I've always thought it was intellect, I *think* because the screens have always said intellect. 

I asked my alliance, and one alliance member who has done multiple wealth and culture victories with several heroes said she has previously been able to increase intellect, wisdom and dexterity to 90, too. Where did the intellect and dexterity come from?

Is there a logic to this, is it random, or is it a bug?

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3 weeks 0 days ago

Wealth victory should increase vitality limit so image in victory is incorrect. As for the report from your friend, she could be remembering it wrong for example.

2 weeks 6 days ago

Thanks for the clarification, bers! In that case I'm reporting a minor bug :))

2 weeks 5 days ago

Reply to Severine :

Thanks for the clarification, bers! In that case I'm reporting a minor bug :))

Victory screen shows incorrect bonus. It will fixed after the next update, thanks for report.

2 weeks 1 day ago