I read the following:

"- The VIP effect is temporary and has limited duration, the maximum duration is 20 days but you can prolong the duration by making any purchase in the Cash Shop.

- Increasing your VIP level will add extra 5 days of VIP duration (but no more than 20 days total)."

So, I wanna make sure about a few things: I start with 0 vip points, then I make a victory and get vip for 20 days. If after, say 10 days, I make another victory (very likely with another hero on the same account), if I don't get enough points to increase my vip level (like if I'm at vip level 8 and make my first culture victory on another hero so only get 10000 points which might not be enough), nothing will happen right ? And if I do have enough points to have 1 higher level, how many days left will I have now, does it add only 5 or am I back to 20 ? If it's 5 days, then, if I'm at vip 1 and get like my 8th wealth victory so I get 5 levels of vip at once, do I still get only 5 days or 20 days (would be 25 if the limit wasn't 20) ?

By the way, how are german and french translation going ? I asked there but got no reply.

1 month ago

You will get some VIP duration prolonged when you get VIP points if I remember correctly.

German translation if more than halfway done, French translation was not started because not enough players volunteered to proofread and it's a large undertaking so we need quite some of those.

1 month ago