I came to your website to buy Totem Tribe Gold.

And I keep getting this MMORPG crap thrown in my face.  NO!  I DON'T WANT TOTEM TRIBE II!  I will NEVER play another MMORPG.  Ever.

Only, "oh don't worry about it.  We're giving you that one for free because you are buying this one."

Except, when I go to click the download button, it is NOT Totem Tribe Gold, but the original WHICH I ALREADY HAVE.  AND the game I do NOT freakin' WANT and never will play.

This is crap.  This website design is crap.  I won't be back.  And I will NEVER play your MMORPG.  Even if I had been tempted, if you can't even manage a simple website where a DESIRED game can be purchased without slamming me in the face with what I DON'T want.  And then getting my damn order WRONG!

1 year ago

I'm sure there are many other ways to get that problem solved other than using this foul language, yet you opted to use it, oh well, manners. :-)

1 year ago

Berserker, please add a "Report" button for this kind of, thing...

1 year ago

From donation page: 

Totem Tribe Gold for Windows or Mac

If you donate $20 or more total, you will receive a free copy of Totem Tribe Gold - extended version of the original game with 10 extra levels. Windows and Mac versions - DRM-free download.

While I don't know how much you donated, there's chance that it was less than 20 dollars. :(

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1 year ago