Please can the zoo start off full of animals, that we then rescue?  It seems wrong, to take wild animals and stuff them in small cages.  :'-(     Also other stuff, like building habitats for monkeys/lions/hippo's, etc.  Or release them back into the wild, like monkeys could be released in Keepers Village, for a small reward, or an achievement.

1 month ago

Or the druids could take care of them after we send them to the Grove?

1 month ago

I agree, I think that could be a nice aspect to the game :) 

1 month ago

Plus please can we kill the zoo keeper for years of mistreating the animals.  Rescuing the animals is a far better idea than giving the idiot zoo keeper more animals to mistreat.

4 weeks 0 days ago

Or could we put the zoo keeper in a cage instead of killing him?

3 weeks 6 days ago