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Basic Gameplay
World Map and Country Management
Buildings and Town Management
Units and Army
Resources, Trade, Economy
Story, Quests, Puzzles
Science, Technology, Ages
Goals and Achievements
Hero and Leveling
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Playing versus Other Players
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Zweistein, the Science Advisor

General Questions about the Game

Ancient Pagan Symbol
What is Totem Tribe II: Jotun?
Totem Tribe II: Jotun is a sequel to our past Totem Tribe & Totem Tribe Gold downloadable casual strategy games.
What genre is Totem Tribe II: Jotun?
Like the original Totem Tribe, the sequel will be a mix of genres - strategy, adventure, puzzles, hidden object, plus this time around RPG elements would be introduced and strategy elements will be deeper and more complex.
Is the game single player or multiplayer?
It's kind of both. The game takes place in a persistent world where thousands of players can play at the same time, however we designed the game that way to be able to provide enjoyable experiences for solo players. There is a story, quests and puzzles that can be played alone. Also there are alliances, coalitions, trade and diplomacy that can be played out in multiplayer fashion.
Is it a regular browser-based game?
It is a full-fledged MMO! You can play it in the browser, if you want, but there is also a client installer for Windows.
What does the game look like? Do you have any screenshots?
We do post work-in-progress screenshots in News from time to time. You can take a look at the few screenshots below, although keep in mind they are work-in-progress stuff and do not represent final quality of the game.
Town Screenshot
Old Interface Screenshot
Ruins Screenshot
Do you have any music from the game to listen to?
When it will be available?
The open beta version of the game is available to anyone, willing to try.
What is the beta version like?
Basically beta version is a sandbox version + tutorial + multiplayer + limited number of quests, where players could play with their town(s) and country - build structures, train units, trade, explore the world around them, etc. We released it so the players have something to have fun with, while we are making the main storyline and quests.
How can I get it?
Just click the link on top of the page.
What is the difference between the original Totem Tribe (TT1) / Totem Tribe Gold (TTG) and Totem Tribe II: Jotun (TT2)?
The difference is enormous. The story campaign alone is planned to be 4 times bigger than the original game. The core gameplay while remaining familiar has grown in all directions - construction stage is more elaborate, resource management was added, new hero that can be leveled and trained to obtain new perks, item system that allows equipping your hero - some items are randomly generated and include special traits, and finally the whole multiplayer online world. Continue reading the FAQ to see explanations of new features in detail.
Original Totem Tribe was too simple/casual for me, I am up for a real challenge. Is Totem Tribe II: Jotun for me?
We want this game to provide a wide range of challenges for different kinds of players. It starts simple and accessible but it provides more and more challenges the deeper you dig. If you tap multiplayer PVP, you can challenge the whole world :)
What languages will the game be available in?
Initially the game is available in English and Russian only. Localizations are planned after the release. The hardest thing is not to localize the game, but to keep the localization up to date with all those changes (and there will be lots of them).

Basic Gameplay

What controls do we use to play?
Controls are pretty much the same as in the original game (simple mouse clicks here and there), but there are a lot of new windows and buttons due to more features. We will try to explain them in detail though. Those things are covered in a comprehensive tutorial which will help you to learn all the new stuff.
You said tutorial? Is there something like that so we can learn all the new things?
Yes. This time around the game introduces a lot of new stuff, so the first location is simple and play out like a tutorial. You will be taught all the necessary things you need to know to enjoy the game. Learning will not be too much in the face. You will be learning by playing.
Can I pause the game when I want to stop playing?
No, you won't be able to pause the game, the game is running 24/7 even when you sleep - the building process will go on, resources will be mined, etc. You can order up construction of several buildings and then go to sleep, and when you wake up - everything is finished + you have plenty of resources accumulated overnight.
Unfortunately that is the drawback of making an online game - when a lot of people play it, it is unacceptable to allow one player to pause it and make everyone else wait. Also the ability of the game to continue the construction, research, and training while you are offline makes it fairer, so those people who don't have time to sit in the game 24/7 won't be at a disadvantage to those people who can. Furthermore this only concerns the boring stuff (building delays). Puzzles, hidden objects, and other story-related things won't happen without you.
Also if your friend wants to help you in battle, he or she can send reinforcements to your village and go offline. Those reinforcement units will help you defend your village, whether your friend is online or not.
Will I have to wait until my troops arrive BEFORE logging off? Or is simply sending them enough?
Yes, simply sending them will be sufficient.
But what if a player is unable to access a computer because they are on holidays, doing exams etc.?
You will be able to assign a proxy player to your account while you are absent. You can select different permissions to entrust, like construction, transferring army, using items, etc. This way you will not lose on your country progress if you have to abandon it for a decent amount of time. Also, the game is playable from phone, so even if you don't have access to a computer, you can still play.
Can I change from single player to multiplayer mid-game, or do I have to wait until I restart at the beginning again?
There is basically one game with all features, but you are able to choose how big of an impact they will have, and you will be able to change it while playing. Even if you are a single-player type of person, multiplayer features will still be there, it just won't have as big an impact. However once you have had enough of regular quests and story and decide to enjoy more multiplayer stuff like joining an alliance with other players, you will be able to do it at almost any time you feel ready.
How do all the different activities work at the same time?
Totem Tribe 2 has mixed game play - some parts of it are asynchronous (resource mining, production, research, movement between towns, etc.) that continue even while you are offline, and other parts are synchronous (quests, puzzles) that require your interaction and stop while you are offline.
I've played TT1 or TTG to death. It gets boring after a while. Is everything the same if I play TT2 more than once?
No. You can try many different things, such as obtaining different achievements, playing multiplayer or by yourself... but we also have included randomly generated things too! That means that different people might have different items, puzzles, and quests. But not just different people - if you restart the game you might see new things you have never seen before.
What will be under my control?
You will be able to control your country which consists of one or more towns; also you will be able to control research, army, and the highly customizable unique hero that you create.
Will there be an easy way to find gems this time around? I really liked the gem-finding magnifier.
We will try to come up with something as convenient.
Planet Teya

World Map and Country Management

What is country in this game?
Country consists of one or more towns and a domain area around them.
How can I increase the size of my country?
You can settle new towns or increase cultural level of existing towns to increase their influence thus increasing country domain size.
Are the levels made up of different islands, like in the original games?
TT2 is not on islands, it takes place on the mainland on a HUGE world map.
So if the game occurs on one large world map how do I get to the next level?
There are various locations that you can travel to that are opened when you progress further into the game.
Does the world map include different types of locations, like icy tundra or summery desert?
Yes, there are different types of climate.
Can we choose our starting location on the world map?
Yes. You will be able to pick Moderate Grasslands, Tropical Jungle, Equatorial Desert, or Snowy Tundra.
Will the location I pick affect what happens in my game?
It won't affect your character or main storyline, but it will affect your country and quests. For instance, if you start the game in Tundra, your village will be among the snowy mountains and fir trees, and different climatic zones will have variations in strategic resources too. Also the starting place will impact on your physical location. For example if you and your friend both start in the same zone - you will have greater chances of being neighbors in the game.
I have a friend who wants to play the game with me. How do I ensure that we are in the same zone?
To increase your chances of being neighbors you will have to start the game in the same zone at the same time. The longer the delay between your starts, the further between each other you will be.
Can I put a new town in a different zone than where I started?
Yes, if you can reach it!
How can we tell which area of the map is 'mine' and which is someone else's?
There are visual borders that mark your domain and domains of other players.
What does the world map look like?
See this work-in-progress screenshot:
World Map
How long does it take to transfer units from one area to another?
It all depends on distance between areas and unit speed. We can say an average abstract unit can take 3 minutes to walk one cell on the world map.
How will the game protect me from players who started earlier than me and thus have bigger advantage?
The game places new players evenly, therefore all your neighbors will start the game at roughly the same time and will have roughly the same army and resources and thus starting conditions will be fair.
How many neighbors can you have in game?
Neighbors are just people closest to you, they are not special in any way, they are just people you have to deal with first because they are closest to reach and can be the most useful to you or the most annoying due to their close proximity.
Do the people on your friends list automatically become a neighbor?
No, friends are a different concept.
Can you swap out a bad neighbor for a cool person on your friends list in the same general area?
Unfortunately, if you want to change neighbors, you will have to restart the game in a different place. You can't swap people because the game will be made so people in the close area start roughly the same time as you, making them have relatively even conditions. If someone started earlier, he/she will have way more resources, bigger army, more buildings, and therefore can defeat you easier. Such people are placed further to offset their obtained power.
What is the best way to interact with neighbors and not waste time on annoying people like beggars?
The best way to utilize player interaction is to find or create a good alliance. An alliance is a group of people who joined together to reach a common goal. That goal could be arranging common defense against annoying beggars and looters :) But usually an alliance is a group of friendly people. Anyone can make an alliance and invite those people they want. You as an alliance leader can invite only serious and kind people. There will be some nice tools like shared diplomacy - you can arrange unions or non-attack pacts with other alliances. You can also levy tax from all players in the alliance - this is useful when someone in the alliance is attacked badly and needs resources to rebuild their village - all alliance members can pay taxes and those taxes can be transferred to the member in need.
Finally alliances will have a separate chat, so if you take only nice people in it, it will be a nice place to talk.

Buildings and Town Management

What is the town in Totem Tribe II: Jotun?
The town here is a cell on the world map that contains an area inside that can be used to build structures. It also can contain quests.
An area inside? What will it look like?
It will look like a map from some real-time strategy game, like Age of Empires or the original Totem Tribe. You can do free-form construction of buildings inside of it. Also there might be monsters, puzzles, or quests around and you might want to take care of them too. You can take a look at this screenshot:
Inside town screenshot
Can we build more than one town?
Yes, you will be able to have several towns.
Do we fight or go on quests in the same area that we build our towns?
We have 2 types of locations - building locations and quest locations. Building locations are towns and are like levels in the original Totem Tribe, where you build stuff, gather armies and fight. Like Red Rock Island in TT1. Quest locations are like levels where you have Aruku alone solving puzzles, like Mist Island in TT1. Plus you can transfer troops and resources to quest locations to aid your hero. For example you may need to buy something or bribe someone in the quest location - you just gather enough resources in your town and transfer the necessary amount of resources into the quest location using your traders and your hero will be able to spend those resources, solving quests. Resources are like money in this game - you spend resources to build huts, hire troops, buy stuff, etc.
In the original games we could only upgrade towers - can we upgrade other buildings in TT2?
Yes! Upgrading buildings will not only improve their look, but will also make them more useful. For example when you upgrade the hut, worker capacity in it will be increased, barracks will house more warriors, towers will be shooting stronger projectiles and so on. Since we have included resources now, we decided to save some space and make player villages more compact - there is really no need to build a number of the same buildings in your village now, all you do is just make one building of a specific type and upgrade it!
Corn Shed building
How many buildings there are in the game?
Counting all upgrades there are 2000+ buildings. All visually different from each other.
How many times can we upgrade a building?
As many as 20 times. Different buildings have a different number of upgrade levels.
Barracks Building with upgrades
How can we tell what level a building has been upgraded to?
All building upgrades are visually different from each other. Also there are numbers next to the building to indicate its level.
Can I build walls? Do I have to demolish them when I build a new building and want to have it inside my walls?
Yes, you can build them. The walls move automatically so when you want to build something new, you don't have to demolish the walls and rebuild them.
The walls move whenever I rebuild - do my towers move too?
No, but towers have a huge range so it does not really matter where they are placed, the fact that you have them is enough.
How much space can I take up with my town? Is there a limited amount of space?
Since building requires resources, space is not as important as before.
Can't I just build a whole load of barracks at once?
Normally you won't be able to build several barracks, in order to build the second one; you will have to acquire some unique resource on the world map. This is done to keep the army sizes balanced. However there are several barrack-like structures you can build (like hunter camps and shaman tents in TT1). This way all unit types will be used, unlike TT1 where the best strategy was to amass shamans. Furthermore you can settle another town and build the barracks there. Since you can transfer your army between towns as you see fit, it is not as important where army structures are situated.
Huts FAQ Category

Units and Army

Army FAQ Category
In TT1 only scouts could swim. Can other units swim too?
We have added ships and lots of other naval units too, including trade and warfare.
Ships in Totem Tribe
In TT1 only the bad guys could fly. Can we fly now?
Yes! We have lots of amazing flying units for you to play with, including helicopters and even UFOs!
In the original games we had to create a troop on every location - will we have to do this in the new game?
Your army can be transferred back and forth between different locations! You will be able to train troops in one town and send to another one to fight!
What kind of new units are there?
There are mounts like knights and chariots, constructs like catapults and ballistae, sailing vessels like galley and battleship, dirigibles, planes, helicopters, tanks, nuclear rockets, robots, flying saucers, and more!
How many different types of units are there?
More than 100! There could be lots of little people in your tribe.
Possible Hero Portraits
Are there scouts like in TT1?
Sort of. You can have explorers, which take the place of scouts. They look different to scouts, but do the same thing - explore new territory!
Are the scout and troop flags remain in the new game?
No, in town and quest locations they are replaced with a single hero flag which directs your hero. There is also a "Call to Arms" button which enables/disables all your army following your hero.
How many units do we get per building?
It depends on the level of upgrade - if you are on level 1 (the lowest level a building can be) then you will get one unit per building. Upgrade to the highest level - 20 - and you will have 20 units per building.
Do units spawn automatically once my first unit dies, like in TT1 and TTG?
No. That is because we have resources now and the computer should not decide how to spend them for you. Therefore you will have to order units when you need them (and when there is enough empty space in the proper building).
Will there be a "revive" option if our soldiers are killed?
Only your hero can be revived, units have to be trained in appropriate buildings again.
Can I upgrade units too?
Yes! Units will change appearance once you upgrade them. I.e. if you upgraded unit armor the armor will be visible on him and you can see it. If you upgrade a weapon, the new weapon will be visible too.
Are units individually upgraded - or do you get to upgrade all your units at once?
Upgrades are not some global change to all units, you build an upgrade and then apply it to a unit individually, thus you might end up with several units of the same type, but with different upgrades.
Do upgrades get applied automatically?
No, they will have to be applied manually. The way we see it, unit upgrades are when you have all your buildings loaded with units, but you still want to invest resources into making your army stronger. That's when you start building upgrades for units and applying them. I know it might sound complicated, but by the time you face the need for those upgrades, it will be clear to you.

Resources, Trade, Economy

In the original TT games we didn't have to collect resources. Will we have to do that in TT2?
Yes. While the absence of resources in TT1 was fun, we feel adding resources adds more depth and strategy to the game. We tried to make resources mining/management as simple and intuitive as possible not to over-complicate the game.
Does this mean we have to worry about feeding our troops or doing other tedious things?
No, we have made it as simple and accessible as possible. Resources refer more to you needing to accumulate XX wood in order to build a house. With resources you will have to choose which building to build, which ones will help you better at the moment, and which ones are less necessary and can be built later if at all.
What kind of resources does this game have?
There are 2 categories of resources in Totem Tribe II: Jotun - basic resources and unique resources.
What are basic resources?
Basic resources are resources that have quantity and can be spent on buildings, units, upgrades, etc. Examples of basic resources include Food, Lumber, Stone, Iron, Oil, and Energy. Initially you start with only Food and Lumber and unlock other resources as you progress through ages.
What is a unique resource?
A unique resource (also known as strategic resource) is a resource that does not have quantity; it is a spot on the world map that provides unique advantage to your country if obtained.
What kind of unique resources does this game have?
There are over 30 types like Horses, Exotic Fruits, Fish, Coffee, Sulfur, Uranium, etc.
Can I trade basic resources?
Yes, you can trade them via the market.
Can I trade unique resources?
Yes and no. Since it's a spot on the map, it cannot be transferred; however you can rent it to other players.
What kind of trades are there?
There are land trade, naval trade, and aerial trade. Land trade is the most widely used type of trade available to everyone right from the start. Naval trade allows to push huge amounts of resources but only among players who have a port town in their country. Aerial trade available to technologically advanced countries that have access to sky-faring. It allows a very fast trade of resources.
If we run out of food will our villagers die or go on strike?
The workers will survive, but your army will starve and die, so make sure you have enough food to feed your army.
Do I have to trade with other people in order to complete the game?
You don't have to trade with others, but it could be profitable. For example if you have an excessive amount of one resource - you can trade it to other players for another resource that is scarce at the moment.

Story, Quests, Puzzles

Is the storyline different to the original games?
The story is new, but it will be related to the original game in some way. There will be references to Aruku too. In the beginning of the game it might not be obvious but later you will see the whole thing from a different perspective and the two games will be tied together. However if you haven't played the original games you won't be losing too much. You might miss some references, but not something critical - you will still be able to enjoy the story.
What is the story about?
The story this time will feature strong serious themes such as faith, freedom, treachery and hope. The idea with this game is to make it light and easy at first glance, but showing more and more depth the longer you dig into it. We don't want to overwhelm players right from the start.
Who are Bulat the War Advisor, and Zweistein the Peace Advisor?
They are advisors. They will help you during the game. They will be giving you optional quests on what you should do to improve your current state in your country. When you feel the need for advice - you ask them and they will tell you about your current weaknesses and what you should do to fix them. Bulat will be giving advice about the military side of things - how to defend, which units to build, when to attack, etc. Zweistein on the other hand will give hints on what to build and research to improve your economy, culture, tech, etc.
Who is Alta? Who is Jack of Swords? Jotun? Gromus? Loku? Matriarch?
We are not going to spoil the story in this FAQ, you will have to play the game yourself to find out.
Loku NPC Matriarch NPC
How long will the story take to complete?
The story is planned to have: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Epilogue. One of the four chapters planned is roughly the size of the original Totem Tribe so you can imagine how big the game will be. The Prologue is basically an extensive tutorial that teaches you all the new stuff while you are being introduced to this world and the story behind it. This includes one building location and a couple of small quest locations. Right now Chapter 1 is almost complete.
Will there be a way to track what I've done or what progress I've made?
A lot of people criticized TT1 that its objectives were often not clear enough, so this time there is a quest log that writes down your progress briefly. It contains information about things you already figured out. For example if you talked to some character and that character needs some item, the log will contain that information. It will not tell you where to find it, just things you already know.
Will there be bosses to fight? Villains?
Yes. These are separate from other players, whom you can also fight.
What kind of puzzles are there?
Story-related and story-unrelated. Story-related puzzles are exactly like they were in TT1, while story-unrelated puzzles have two important changes: 1. Each puzzle has 6 difficulty levels. The higher difficulty - the greater reward. This means that you can find 2 similar puzzles at different places, but they will have different difficulty levels. You won't be able to choose the difficulty level, but puzzles are entirely optional - so you can skip them if you get stuck! Story-unrelated puzzles are randomized - you will never know which one of those puzzles you will find next, where it will be, and the rewards from them are randomized too! Additionally there are minigames which are much larger than puzzles and can be played almost infinite times!
Are there hints for these puzzles?
How the progression of the story is presented in the game?
There are in-game cutscenes and interactive conversations with non-playing characters.
What are interactive conversations?
In the original Totem Tribe there wasn't much talking going on, therefore it was unclear what kind of personality main heroes had. This time we decided that characters should express themselves better. Since the player now is represented by his or her custom created character, we thought it would be cool if a player can play out their character in conversations too! When some character speaks, you can ask questions, respond to their words and even take some action throughout the conversation.
Conversation example in Totem Tribe 2
Are these conversations influence the game?
Yes. You can choose different questions to ask, which will lead you to different quests. They may also influence your overall gameplay by affecting which victory you are working towards.
What kind of influence are those conversations bring to the game?
There are local influence and global influence. The former is when you can solve quests differently through conversation. Example: guard does not want to let you in and you have to find another way around, but you can just persuade him to accept a bribe with proper choices in conversation. The latter is when your answers in conversation do not change anything right away, however they are recorded to determine your personality in the game - you can be selfish, wanting rewards for everything you do, or altruistic, helping people in need, not expecting a reward, etc. That behavior will be measured and might be taken into account later in the game. Not necessarily to determine which ending, but maybe you will miss some quest or find another one.
I don't like lengthy texts. Can we skip these conversations?
You cannot skip them since they are an integral part of the game, but don't worry about lengthy text. We are definitely not done "War and Peace" scale of writing. After all we are game developers, not writers, that's why we are more focused on the gaming side of conversations, not the literature side. We are talking about interactivity here. The conversations are focused on choices, not literary content.
All these new things... what will happen to the gems/puzzles? I don't like warfare and I'm not really a fan of simulation games.
There are plenty of puzzling/item hunting, don't worry. In fact we made the game so players will choose their own play style and focus on things they like the most. People who like puzzles will do puzzles, people who like to build will focus on building, people who like to fight will focus on fighting. Of course you will not be able to forfeit any of those, but you will be able to minimize things you don't like much and focus on things you enjoy.

Science, Technology, Ages

Technology research was fairly straightforward in TT1 and TTG. Is it the same this time?
No. The technology tree is far more advanced in TT2. Once you research something, you don't need to do it again. However, there are lots more things to research this time around.
How many technologies are out there?
There are 170 different technologies planned, split into 9 ages.
What are Ages?
When you research, you can advance your country into different Ages of civilization. You start out in the Dark Age where primitive people just tamed fire and progress to Stone Age, Antiquity, Medieval Age, Renaissance and so on.
Does it mean that I can research Gunpowder and replay the American history in the game?
Yes, you can use units with firearms to fight less technologically advanced players.
What about Nukes?
The nukes are there too! They are hard to research and build but change the warware dramatically once you acquire them.
What about futuristic stuff? UFOs, cyborgs, nanotechnology?
The final Ages will be full of that!
How are technologies organized in the game?
They are organized in a large technology tree. You can take a look here:
Technology tree in Totem Tribe 2
How do we actually research something?
As for the process of researching, each of the technologies has a cost in 'science points'. You can transfer some percentage of your resource income into science. This way you will have a lower resource income, but still have research going on. You can change the amount of resources turned into science points at any time. You can even set them to 0 if you need all your resources at that moment, but research will stop until you re-initiate financing your science.
Can I convert excessive resources into science?
No. Even if you accumulated a lot of resources - you can only spend them on buildings and units, they cannot be transferred to research technologies. Only your resource income can be used on science points.
What happens after I research something?
Researching technology only means you have unlocked the ability to use that technology - you still have to spend resources if you want to build or upgrade whatever you've unlocked.
Science FAQ category

Goals and Achievements

What is the goal of the game?
It really depends on your play style and preferences. There are 6 different types of victory you can work towards, also there are achievements and top lists if you feel like you want to compete. Finally there is a multiplayer system built for massive alliances and coalitions to organize huge battlegrounds. The game has clear goals to those who need it, but also can be played like sandbox.
What about those 6 different types of victory?
There are 6 different ways to win. You can reach Adventure, Science, Culture, Wealth, Expansion, or War Victory!
What is Adventure Victory?
Adventure Victory is basically like you end the game in Totem Tribe 1 - you follow the story until the end, beat the final boss in the end and you are done.
What is Culture Victory?
Culture Victory involves a focus on creating buildings that increase the culture of your country and when it's high enough, your country will start luring persons of figure and quests associated with them. Once you have the whole pantheon, you win!
What is Science Victory?
Science Victory requires you to research every single unlockable thing in the Technology Tree (and that tree is quite big). You will have to focus on having buildings that increase your research.
What is Wealth Victory?
Wealth Victory needs you to accumulate huge amounts of resources and spend them building a Wonder of the World to show the whole world the wealth and glory of your country. To do so, you will need a lot of production facilities, as well as marketplaces and a lot of time spent in trade.
What is Expansion Victory?
Expansion Victory involves expanding the borders of your country and promoting your title from Noble to Duke to Emperor.
What is War Victory?
War Victory is the victory which requires you to fill the Hall of Fame with war trophies by battling other players. The War Victory is the hardest among those six and aimed at hardcore or veteran players, those who seek a serious challenge.
How can I decide which victory to pursue?
You don't have to decide or choose - you just play and have fun and eventually you will reach the type of victory you like the most. Those 6 different types are meant to offer something cool to different kinds of players, and we're not expecting that players will be trying to reach all types (although some power players might want to do it).
Can I reach several types of victory in one game?
You can get halfway towards several types of victories, but it requires 100% devotion to actually achieve one. For example in order to achieve the Culture Victory you have to create buildings that increase your cultural level and they are usually peaceful (temples, obelisks, etc.) while in order to achieve War Victory you have to build as many barracks as possible, and barracks decrease your cultural level. Thus if you are moving towards War Victory, you are moving away from Culture Victory and vice versa.
I like to compete, but I don't want to engage anyone directly, what can I do?
Totem Tribe II: Jotun features achievement system and top lists which allow you to compete with other players without engaging them directly.
How many achievements are there?
There are thousands of different achievements in each of the above 6 categories. When you get an achievement you are awarded with prestige points and when you have enough prestige points in some category, you will receive a medal. There are 60 medals to win!
Possible medals in TT2
Can I show off with them?
Both your prestige points and medals are visible to other players at the player info screen, next to your hero picture. And that will be visible on the website too!
When I finish playing the game, and restart to play again, will I keep past achievements? What things do I keep and what things do I lose? If I buy an in-game item, will I be able to use it for future play-throughs?
Obtained achievements will stay forever. As for the items - you will be able to keep a limited number of items when you restart again. We cannot allow you to keep all items, because you start with other players and early in the game excessive amount of items might give you unfair advantage. Therefore we will allow you to keep only your best items you found in the game (not necessarily the ones you bought).
How many endings are there?
Since there will be 6 different types of victory, there will be at least 6 different endings. In fact there might be several endings provided by a single type of victory, thus increasing the number of potential outcomes. It is too early to talk about endings though.
What can I do after I finish the game?
You can restart the game again and some things will remain. For example you will be allowed to keep a limited number of items found on your play-through, your hero stats maximum limit will be increased, and your achievements will stay (in fact some of them require you to beat the game several times in order to get them).
This game sounds huge - will I be able to play it all at once?
No. Even though you will be able to reach the end as soon as we launch the game, we will be growing the game over time and adding lots of new things. This means we can launch and test the game as soon as possible, but also give you lots more to do as time goes on. This is good for you in other ways too: it means whenever you finish the game you can always come back and play again and again (and again!) finding new things every time.

Hero and Leveling

In previous TT games, the main character was predefined. We had that girl named Aruku. What about Totem Tribe II: Jotun?
Instead of Aruku we have added the ability to create your own hero (or heroine). The hero is just a helpless doll, it can travel, fight, lead an army, interact with objects and so on. The hero is an integral element of the game and could be very personal to each player - you can design the facial features, costume, etc.
The main character was also previously not something I could control. Will I be able to do anything with my hero?
Yes. This time around the only unit you can control directly is your hero. You can also issue "Call to Arms" command then all your army starts following your hero.
Will my hero be able to join the fights in Totem Tribe II: Jotun?
Yes. It's up to you how you build up your hero - you can make him a lonely Champion that takes down foes by his sheer strength, or you can make a General that is not very strong alone, but boosts stats of his army. You can also make him a Mayor kind of hero where he stays in town and boosts production.
What if my hero dies?
You can resurrect him/her in the temple, although it will require some resources.
How can I build up my hero?
When hero does something useful (solves quests, fights enemies) he receives experience. When he gains enough experience he reaches higher levels, earning stat points and perk points. Those points can be spent to empower your hero and add unique abilities.
Can we have more than one hero? Can we play 2 games at once with different heroes?
One country has one hero. You can have several countries/heroes on one account but they are like separate game sessions. You can play them in parallel if you want to.
Do we really have to create a hero? I don't want to.
You can use our generator to create something automatically, or you can manually select features. There are millions of possible combinations!
Will my hero/character stay the same over time - as in, can I change it at will, or am I stuck with it, or can I only change it when I restart the game?
There are options to visually customize character at any time. Also items you find in the game can be equipped and will visually differentiate your hero.
What kind of items can I find for my hero?
There is a comprehensive wardrobe found in typical RPG games. That wardrobe is not only different by power, but also by Age. For example you can find items from Antiquity or Industrial Age but will not be able to equip it until your country reaches that age.
Are items predefined or randomly generated?
Both. Some items have a predefined name and effect, but there are also items with random properties, therefore finding an item with cool properties might be a good reward you would like to keep for your next play-through.
Can I create or upgrade equipment for my hero?
Yes, crafting and enhancing your items is available via hero perks if you have the necessary materials.
What kinds of facial features can we add/change to our hero?
You can pick hair, eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, etc. while creating your hero. Take a look at these randomly generated portraits:
Possible female faces
Possible male faces
Is there any in-game NPC that sells weapons/armors/items?
Those are planned.
Hero category

Playing Solo

Player versus Enemies
I don't like playing AGAINST other players, is there any way for me to stay safe and not be attacked all the time?
There is a Beginners Protection, also there is a special politics for casual players that significantly improves your defenses. Add some other stationary defenses which you can build and your attackers might need 10x or 20x more troops than you, which is quite unreasonable - they might find easier targets instead. Finally, if you are really, really against it, there are Protection Items.
What is Casual Politics?
When you start the game you will be able to pick the social system of your kingdom. The social system is basically a set of bonuses and drawbacks. One of those systems (Collectivism) will increase the defenses of your villages by 300%, however they will also decrease your attack power by the same rate. Therefore it will be unreasonable for most people to attack you, because they will need 3 times more troops to do sustainable damage to you.
What is Beginners Protection?
When you start the game, there is one week of protection, when no-one can attack you at all so you will have enough time to get used to the game and build up your defenses so others do you no harm even if they decide to attack you.
What are Protection Items?
There are items that can cast a "truce" on your towns, preventing others from attacking you and you from attacking them, but those items have an effect for a limited time. Those items will grant your country total immunity against all attacks. Such items will last 12 hours, allowing you to sleep safely at night, but will take another 12 hours to activate, so you will have to use it wisely.
But I can still be attacked, right?
We made sure you will have enough means to minimize the negative effect from being attacked, but attacks might still happen from time to time. Having said that, the multiplayer part is not about battling other players all the time, that's boring. The multiplayer part will be more about social activity where people team up together to follow their common goal more easily. That goal of course could be waging war against others, but it can also be defending together against others, making a trade alliance, or even helping each other with quests and the storyline, much like on the forums on this site, but right inside the game where you can not only share advice, but also help with resources or send troops to your friend in need.
I don't like playing WITH other players. Will I be forced to interact with others to progress further into the game?
No. Solo players can stay solo as long as they want to and it will not limit them in any way - they can still beat the game.
So I am online and playing by myself - do I still see other players?
Yes, you are playing in the same big world with others and can reach out to them at any time if you find yourself bored alone.

Playing versus Other Players

I like PvP, can I attack others unlimited times per day?
Yes, there is no limit on attacks.
If someone gets attacked, does his country get a temporary "unable to be attacked" status?
No. Player can be attacked infinite amount of times unless he/she activates protection items.
Can I see someone's "power" (number of troops, kind of troops etc.) before I attack him?
You can send spies into another player's town in order to get the necessary information, however other players might also have spies in their town to prevent your espionage attempts.
Can I get an ally to help me attack an enemy? Can I get an ally to help me defend my country?
Yes, it is a good idea to team up with someone else to attack or defend together.
Do we share the world map with other players? Can I see other players and their units/buildings?
You can see towns and countries of other players, however you cannot see the inside of their towns. You can send spies to gather additional information, however it will not provide you full view on the inside of their towns.
What kind of damage can I do to another player?
You can plunder resources, kill his/her army, destroy structures in the enemy town or capture the town completely.
How hard is it to damage others?
Killing enemy troops or plundering resources might not be too hard, but destroying buildings is quite hard and requires special siege and destroyer units. Capturing an enemy town is even harder, however it's not impossible if you really want to do that.
Can I constantly plunder other players for resources?
Yes, although we have a better solution to constantly generate income from weaker players. We have a special type of relationship called "Protectorate". You can take weaker players under your protection for a percentage split from their resource income. It is more lucrative and time-effective than constantly farming your victim in hope to hit it earlier than other ninja looters.
What about clans and relations between clans?
There are Alliances (our version of clans) and diplomacy between them. An alliance is a managed group of players that has their leader and also several secondary positions.
What roles can I play in the alliance?
Aside from being Leader or a Regular Member, you can also be an Accountant, Recruiter, General, or a Diplomat.
Who is the Accountant in the alliance?
The Accountant is a person who can see the resources of other alliance members and manage resources of the whole alliance more easily. Accountant can also set the tax and see it rendered by members.
Who is the Recruiter in the alliance?
The Recruiter can allow others to join the alliance or kick out (remove) other members.
Who is the General in the alliance?
The General can see troops of all players in the alliance and use that information to issue organized attack or defense orders.
Who is the Diplomat in the alliance?
Diplomat can manage diplomacy between alliances - declare war, form unions, sign non-attack pacts, request or accept vassalage.
What is vassalage?
Vassalage is the relationship between two alliances where one becomes a complete subordinate of another. The Vassal Alliance receives the name of the senior alliance as its first name, keeping its real name second. This allows the opportunity to create huge alliance conglomerates with one primary alliance and the rest acting as branches or academies.
How big can the battleground be in this game?
As big as you want. There are many ways to structure relationships among various players to form a huge web of subordination. With Protectorate, weaker players can be ordered under the stronger one. Stronger players form an alliance. Alliance itself could be a vassal of some other stronger alliance. The stronger alliance may form a coalition by uniting with other stronger alliances and wage war against a rival coalition. In such a situation the whole world could be involved in a huge planet-wide confrontation!
Player versus Player


Gold Coins
How much does this game cost? Are there any subscriptions or monthly / yearly membership fees?
The game is completely free to play, but there are optional microtransactions.
So how are you going to make money from the game this time? There must be something I have to pay for?
We have in-game purchases, but they are not required to complete the game. They are just little things to add to your enjoyment - things that make resource-earning quicker, etc. This makes the game more accessible (cheaper) for our players, but it also means we can recoup our costs.
Are we forced to see advertising everywhere if we don't buy things? Sent spammy emails?
No. Free to play monetization model allows us to be profitable without all those nasty things.
Is there an in-game currency? How can it be obtained?
There is only one currency called Enkord Cash that can be obtained when you donate real money. It can be spent in the in-game Cash Shop. Other than that there are resources which can be used to trade with other players.
Most microtransactions-based games put players into a vice-grip to squeeze money out of them. Is this the case with Totem Tribe II: Jotun?
We do not like such games ourselves. The main idea is Totem Tribe 2 should be good to play for free, but great when you spend some cash on it. You cannot buy victory in our game, only time. If you can spend enough time on the game, you will be able to match paying players.
But what if someone has both time and money? Will he or she be much stronger than me?
That really does not matter that much. The multiplayer nature of the game means that anyone can confront anyone else. Even if someone is very strong, they still cannot oppose a crowd of players united against him.
What items can I buy? How does it affect my gameplay?
It all depends on how you play - how much time you spend, how competitive you are, how much you want to be involved in interaction with other players, etc. There is a Cash Shop which sells helpful consumable items which will simplify things a bit - like temporarily increasing your income, speeding up construction, etc. All those items from the Cash Shop can be obtained in the game without paying anything, but of course in limited amounts. Basically the Cash Shop is a legalized cheat system, but not too powerful - you cannot buy your way to victory, but you can simplify things a lot.
On the other hand, if you are mainly interested in puzzles and quests, maybe you won't need it at all since you are not competing with anyone. All you might want to buy is some items which will guarantee protection for your country from other players in later stages of the game, but it will be possible without spending money too.
Items category
Are there unique features available exclusively for paid players?
Gameplay wise - the vast majority (if not all) features are available to everyone.
Can I sell the weapons / armor / items I find for Enkord Cash?
We have plans for some kind of late-game auction house, but it's too early to look that far.


What device do you need to play Totem Tribe II: Jotun?
The game will run on any decent phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop running Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS. Nothing special required.
Do I need to download anything?
You will have to download the game in order to play and then download updates once we make them live.
Does this mean that it will require constant internet connection?
Unfortunately yes. The multiplayer nature of the game requires it to be constantly connected. Even if you don't interact with other players, you have influence on the game world. On the up side, the game is frequently updated and we are not talking about bug fixes alone - new content is added on a regular basis.
I am not sold on the online part. I want to play the game alone and offline!
Making Totem Tribe 2 available online only is something we feel is necessary on a number of levels. First, it allows us to continuously evolve the game. And second, it allows us to better protect the game (our losses on Totem Tribe Gold were significant). We did not come by this decision lightly, as we know many of our avid fans are more accustomed to downloadable games. Rest assured, we are doing everything in our power to help you get comfortable with the idea of playing Totem Tribe 2 online (it doesn't mean you have to play with other players) and all that it entails. We think that, in the end, you'll have a wonderful experience.
I am on a limited internet connection (Dial-Up, Mobile, Satellite), will I be able to enjoy the game?
We designed the game so it will consume only a small portion of your internet bandwidth and aside from the initial download which might take some time, you will be playing just fine on any type of connection, even a bad one.
I also can't afford to be online for the whole day, how can I enjoy it then?
Actually, the game continues even when you stop playing. So you can play for as much or as little as you are willing to use the internet for. You can enter the game several times throughout the day for short 5 minute sessions and it will be sufficient to run your country.
Is TT2 browser-based, or do I have to download something?
It can be both. It can be played online via browser or you can download game client on Windows and use it to play the game. In any case game requires a constant internet connection while you play.
What happens when there are bug fixes, will I have to re-download anything or update anything on my computer?
Totem Tribe II: Jotun has an automated updater which allows you to update the game each time you launch it, if there is new content available. You have no need to search for patches and fixes or download new versions. The automated downloader will do that for you.
Can we choose when the game downloads updates? I don't want it to do it automatically.
When you launch the game, it will check if updates are available and will ask you if you want to install it. You can choose not to install it for now, but you will not be able to play until then.
Does the game run on Mac?
Yes, the game runs fine on a Mac using browser-based version.
Does the game run on mobile devices, tablets, etc.?
Yes, the game runs fine on those using browser-based version.
Do I need a powerful PC or device to play it?
For mobile devices chances are you may need reasonably powerful device. For PC - absolutely not. The game will play on your 5 year old laptop just fine.
Will it work with my video card? My video card is weak/integrated/old.
The game uses no extra special effects and should run on any video card.
How do I save my game? Where does my game get stored and can I back it up in case there are problems with it?
You do not have to save at all, the game is calculated on the server, thus even if you are disconnected, game progress is not lost - you can reconnect and continue on from where you left. Basically, the game is stored on our servers, not on your computer. Just enter your login, password and start playing again. Even if your computer crashes or you need to reinstall the game client, you won't lose your progress! All you need is to remember your login/password and you can continue your game session from any computer.
Will I be able to download the game or access it from other websites, like Big Fish Games or Steam, or somewhere else?
Unlikely. The game requires special infrastructure and will probably only be available exclusively through our site.
Can I play full screen? How big does my screen resolution need to be?
The game supports a full spectrum of various resolutions up to Full HD. You can play either full screen or windowed.
If I don't play the game for a long time, and don't post anything in the forums, will my account be suspended?
The nature of the game is that you need to pay attention to your country from time to time. If you don't, your army might die and your towns will be plundered by others. If you don't visit the game for a few weeks, your country will be removed to provide space for other active players. However your account will stay and you can create a new country and play from the start. Your account will be removed after a much longer inactive period like maybe 6 to 12 months. However if you deposited money at least once, your account will never be deleted.
Technical Category

Chat and Messaging system

How can I deal with that particular player who says nasty things to me?
There is an ignore list so you can easily ignore any abusive or annoying person. If someone is not just annoying but insults you, there is a report to moderator button. You just click it and your conversation is sent to moderators automatically. That person will be punished by silencing or even banning his/her account. It is automated and only a few clicks away - abusers will be punished promptly.
Can we talk to other players in a chat screen - or can we only chat on the forums?
You can use forums and you can use different chatrooms - global, private, alliance chats.
Can I block another player because he keeps attacking my village or can I only block someone because he is being abusive?
You have to use in-game means to deal with attacks, however if the other player insults you via in-game messages, you can use one-click reporting that will be delivered straight to the moderators. We are well aware how immature kids can ruin games with a flood of pointless messages and foul language. We can promise you that moderation will be strict and prompt.
Is there a Facebook page or Twitter account for TT2/Enkord that I can follow?
We do not believe in social networks, but there is unofficial facebook fan page run by our fans at .

More Questions?

If you have any questions unanswered here, don't hesitate to ask them on forums.