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We are releasing a gift to the long-time fans of this game - Totem Tribe and Totem Tribe Gold can be played for free in the browser.

From now on you can play Totem Tribe original and Totem Tribe Gold at Enkord website. It is playable right in the browser, so you don't need to install anything to enjoy it. This also means you can play it anywhere, not just Windows PC. You can play from Mac, iPad, Linux, etc. You can even play it on phones - the games are adapted to touch controls, although playing on small screen could be inconvenient.

You need to login with your free Enkord account there to play the full version. Without logging it, you will be playing the demo.

This will allow long-time fans to revisit the classics and to those who were introduced to Totem Tribe world with Totem Tribe II: Jotun, to see where it all began.

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Posted 1 week ago

After all these years we are now releasing the Secret Library - final quest location which completes story arc of Act I: the Jack of Swords of Totem Tribe II: Jotun.

I hope we have managed to make it unique and not too similar to other areas already present in the game so let us know if we have succeeded in that regard.

For more info on the Secret Library see the previous news post.

Let us know what you think about this quest location. Detailed feedback is essential for us to determining how important those story locations are for the players and whether we should focus on them or on something else.

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Posted 1 month ago

Unfortunately, it's been over 3 years since we have released new quest locations (Ruins) and 4 years since we have released location that moves the story forward (Preddo Mountain). However, we have been creating new content on and off all this time and now we are close to showing what we got.

There were numerous issues that prevented us from doing it faster, both personal and global (russian invasion in Ukraine - we, the developers, are from Ukraine and still in Ukraine during since then), but despite all these hardships and despite understanding that this kind of update won't bring donations up significantly, I was always willing to make the Secret Library as a fan service, a token of gratitude to all those players who supported us through all this time.

The Secret Library will conclude part of the game's story regarding Jack of Swords and will complete Act I of Totem Tribe II: Jotun. While it will not resolve all loose ends, it will clear some of the story bits and hopefully will provide some kind of conclusion for the time being, until we will have the resources to start Act II.

Like with other main story locations, the goal was to make it unique and I think we have managed to do it - there are two parts, first one is where you progress througth the Secret Library, trying to move closer to the Bronze Sphere and the second one is where you oppose the Jack of Swords, who is the final boss of the whole Act I.

The location is affected by your previous progress in the story and in the other places like anomalies and ruins. The Secret Library is a place of the Precursors, thus items of the Precursors and information about them is important here and helps to unlock things not accessible otherwise.

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Posted 1 month ago

This update releases completely redesigned network code. This new code allows for a much faster and smoother reconnects "behind the scenes".

Reconnects now happen inivisbly for player - no need to enter the game again after disconnect. This should save you precious time when disconnects happen on your turn. This is especially important when playing phone version on unstable mobile connections.

Additionally we have made some balance changes to make players interact with each other more:

  • Players are spawned tighter towards each other. Bonuses for victories still apply, but their effect is reduced.
  • Collectivism and Republic adjusted. Collectivism bonuses were introduced in Alpha 1 version of the game and since then many more defensive boosts and protections were added, this making initial bonuses too big. Collectivism: defense reduced from 300% to 200%, attack increased from 33% to 50%. Republic: defense reduced from 400% to 300%, attack increased from 25% to 33%

Other changes and fixes:

  • Disarm perk now checks effect every round, not once until the end - should fix cheats with cerbero.
  • Aborted battles with monsters now give 0 exp
  • Battles are aborted faster when there are no kills
  • Other fixes from bug reports
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Posted 3 months ago

We have moved to a new more powerful server which is around 20x faster than the old one.

It is located in the Germany now (old one was in the US), therefore connection speed might be slightly different, depending on where in the world you are, however on average this should be faster for everyone.

We have also ported our server software from Windows to Linux which makes our server fees smaller and will future-proof our technology. Everything considered what happened today will allow this game run for another decade or so.

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Posted 5 months ago

Today we are adding experimental machine-translated version of the game in French language. We would like our French-speaking players to evaluate it and give is a score in terms on clarity from 1 to 10.

Don't pay attention to overlapping text, this is just a quick and dirty experiment, if it would be successful, we will fix it.

Aslo this translation was done with Google Translate, but if it's ok we will redo it with DeepL which is much better online tranlsator (but costs some money). Also let us know if it is better to have this kind of translation or it's better to play in English?

Additionally this update has a lot of fixed, mainly tutorial and phone-related since our effort to make this game as smooth as possible for new players on the phone:

  • Equipment hint fixed
  • Fix:on phone when hint says you can press on resource income counter to see more info, you had to actually press on progress bar.
  • Advisor click areas increased. This is especially influental with Gromus on phone
  • Some login issues fixed
  • Fix: druid hint did not disappear after you finish his quest
  • More hints on how to return to game tab in tutorial
  • More info on how to zoom in/out in tutorial hints
  • Better hints about dragging items in tutorial
  • Fertile Bushes and Forest Outskirts are not visually stand out against gardens and Gardens more so it is easier to distinguish which ones are upgraded and which ones are not in the tutorial
  • More porminent minimap icons for Hero and Flag
  • More experience given in tutorial quests
  • Collected resources and experience now fly to correct places
  • Various interface improvements on phone here and there
Posted 1 year ago

Previous update was an essential step towards our major goal we are currently releasing in today's update - Starting Game without Registration!

This is a big deal for new players who can jump into the game right away without any hoops or distractions.

Send this link to your friend via messenger or SMS and they will be able to play the game in seconds!

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Posted 1 year ago

Today we have deployed and important tech update that migrated the game to our new modern in-house platform that will allow us to support and maintain this game for the next decade or so.

New platform features new website code which makes website and forums run faster. Additionally there are some other new cool features like distinction between read and unread threads - threads that have unread messages have their subject displayed in bold font.

Although there is not much that can be seen on the surface in terms of features, internally there were thousands of changes, so numerous bugs are possible. Please report them here in comments or in separate bugs section.

Due to harsh situation with electricity here in Ukraine I was not very active in terms of forums and in-game communications, but all this time we were working hard on making this update which if not unlocks possiblities for content updates, but at least ensures the future operations on the game and it's servers. It is a good and important update that has been long due. We have been working on in on and off since the beginning of the war. Read More... »

Posted 1 year ago

By popular demand today we are adding a new feature called "Equipment Memorizer". This feature allows to change equipment sets in a matter of a few clicks.

There is a new button in your hero tab which opens up "Equipment Memorizer" window. In that window you can save or load presets with items for your hero.

This allows you to have sets of items for different tasks in the game, i.e. one set for research in town, another set to fight monters, yet another to attack other players, e.t.c. This memorizer allows to equip all pre-defined items all at once, instead of dragging everythong one by one.

There could be multiple slots, each slot contains FULL SET of equipped items. To unlock memorizer slots you need special item called "Ruyevit's Briefcase". Higher number of slots requires progressively more items to unlock.

This is a rare item, but couple of quests allow you to get it for free, i.e. in the end of Bulat's Quest, also in the end of Shaman Blacksmith quest, alternatively you can buy it in the Cash Shop.

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Posted 1 year ago

Finally, we are releasing translation of Totem Tribe II: Jotun to German language. It was a large undertaking - the game text has almost 3 million characters that needs to be translated.

Keep in mind that due to the fact that we are a small team with limited resources we were unable to afford translation with native speakers, we did it with local translators, thus I assume there will be quite a few grammar and stylistic issues, therefore I am counting that players who natively speak German would report those issues in the comments to this news and together we will make TT2 in German as good as it is in English.

We have tested the translation visually, but still I assume there will be overlapping issues in some of those numerous screens we have in the game. Report those as well.

Finally I have a question to all players who's language is not English or German about localization to their language - what if we will translate the game to your language using automated tool like which is considered quite good for an automated translator - do you think it would be worth it? Would it be better than playing the game in English? Would it make the game more accessible to players in your country? Let us know in the comments.

Posted 1 year ago

Teya becomes a little bit more dangerous place now. In this update we are adding Creature Habitats - a place where monsters dwell and can attack or be attacked.

Creature Habitats - what are they?

They are special "monster towns" that have monster units and buildings.They will be appearing on world map one by one over time. After they appear they will be growing, accumulating resources, buildings structrures inside of them and training units. From time to time when they grow enough strength they will be launching attacks on one of your towns.

There are ways to deal with them. Aside just defending their attacks you can attack them yourself. If you kill their units or steal their resources, it will give you more time until they gather their strength again. You can even destroy those habitats with destructive weapons and solve that problem once and for all.

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Posted 2 years ago

In today's update we have implemented part of the hero perks that were there but not working. Additionally we have added some new perks. There are affected 20 perks total.

Perks Added/Implemented:

  • Sower / Hoarder - these perks increase food storage while your hero in it. This should allow you to launch attacks further in earlier ages,
  • Demolitioners perks now increase siege unit charges
  • Destroyers / Devastators perks added that increase destructive unit charges
  • Assassin perks now are workding - they add bonus damage against enemy hero.
  • Golden Horde perks are working now that increases health of your army by 5% when fighting against army that has no hero.
  • Phoenix Rising perks now are working - they provide a chance to resurrect some units in your army after they died. The more units are dead after combat, the higher the chance to resurrect.
  • War of the Worlds perks are implemented - your army gets 5% armor boost per perk when attacking a town that has lower loyalty (rainbox) than the town you have sent army from.
  • Fencer perk is split into two - Dual Wield and Fencer respectively. Now Dual Wield allows to equip second sword, but it's efficiency would be 50%. You will need Fencer perk for 100%
  • Chopper - increases chopping weapons (axes) range by 1.
  • Butcher - increases chopping weapons (axes) damage by 30% additionaly to mastery perks
  • Basic/Advanced Double Strike - add a chance for hero to attack twice per turn.
  • Martial Arts - effect of the perk is doubled
  • Armor Breaker - hero's unarmed attacks ignore armor
  • Disarm - hero's unarmed attacks disarm his/her targets. Disarmed target's attack is reduced down to 1 until the end of battle.
  • Stargazer - hero attacks ranged units first
  • Keen Eye - hero attacks siege or destructive units first
  • Shooting Range - hero attacks units that have the lowest health first
  • War Criminal - hero attacks healers first.

Complementary Changes

  • Bonus attacks in form of artifact bonuses has been increased Read More... »
Posted 2 years ago

Today we have adapted our website for mobile browsers properly. Now you can use website and forums from phone without trouble.

This indicates a new age of Totem Tribe II: Jotun on mobile devices as now phone/browser version is stable good to offer it for everyone. Sure, there is still way to go until it will be as good as Windows version, but it is a start.

Additionally there have been other website fixes. A lot time problem where posts to existing threads do not bump them has beenĀ  corrected.

Various website pages has been updated to take into account the game is playable on all platforms now.

Posted 2 years ago

Today's update comes with balance changes aimed to correct the situation where players mostly tend to focus on reaching later ages (to get later units) instead of enjoying earlier ages more.

Back in the days early age warfare was widespread and many players enjoyed it. Nowadays with Industrial / Information Age being so powerful, seems that noone cares about fighting in the early ages anymore.

In order to correct this we have made the following changes:

  • Early age units now move faster. The lower age is, the bigger speed increase. Classical and Medieval Siege / Destruction units affected the most, although other units affected one way or another as well.
  • Late age units and their upgrades increased in price. The later age is, the bigger price increase, thus Information Age units getting the biggest price increase.
  • Planes have their price increased by 2x in addition to price increase mentioned above. It seems that planes are the preferred method of warfare now and it is certainly not how it was designed in the first place, so serious price increase will force players into thinking about how to use their planes and maybe opt for other units in certain situations.
  • Greek Fire bonus damage reduced from 45(+9 per upgrade) to 20(+5 per upgrade) as it seems like this unit is one of the main problems with lower age warfare. Let us know how it works now, we may reduce it's bonus damage even more if it is still very powerful.

This update will make later age warfare more expensive due to price increase and lower age warfare more accessible, since with increased unit speed you can now do more attacks and thus make more damage.

Let us know what you think about this update and current state of the warfare in the game.

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Posted 2 years ago

2021 was a successful year for Totem Tribe II: Jotun - we have managed to port the game to browser and mobile phones. Although browser/phone version is still rough, it becoming better and better with every update and eventually it will be ready for prime time. This would unlock the game for the whole new audience!

However our focus on phone version might have made some existing players unhappy due to lack of new content. Unfortunately, the phone version is critical for bringing new players in and thus sustaining appropriate income from the game to be able to fund future updates and developments so it will still be our #1 priority for some time. However, in 2022 we will try to pay attention to other stuff as well, hopefully doing some balance tweaks and content updates too.

Today we are releasing another big "compiled" update with a lot of small changes worth being mentioned in a separate news post.

General Changes:

  • In attempt to fix nuclear warfare, demoralization penalty for nuclear missile / atom bomb attacker increased from 25% to 30% and the duration of the effect was increased by 2. Let us know how it affected the nukes, did it made room for regular attacks or people still prefer nukes instead of regular troops?
  • When you change politics, Trophy Hall, Pantheon, and Wonder of the World does not loose a level.
  • When player is deleted, his/her name should stay now, instead of becoming *UNKNOWN*
  • Added more icons for Space Age technologies - getting there slowly.
  • Analytical Engine: when it cannot be used, button is blocked and reason why you cannot used is displayed, hopefully it will help to avoid confusion. Read More... »
Posted 2 years ago

Today we are glad to present Totem Tribe II: Jotun playable on mobile devices for testing.

Phone version of the game runs in portrait mode and should be suitable to use with one hand. All of the interface is adapted to be used on small screen.

Some screens of panels have been completely reworked to work in portrait mode - buildings menu, hero tabs, chat/relations tab, resource/units/progress panels and numberous smaller ones to many to mention.

Today's update presents the huge chunk of work we have been making for the last year.

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Posted 2 years ago

Today we have added another essential feature to play Totem Tribe II: Jotun on mobile phone, but Windows players could benefit from it as well.

Just like on the world map, now you can zoom in and zoom out using mouse wheel inside town. You can use pinch to zoom if you have touch screen too.

Web version was also updated and some crashes were fixed.

What do you think? Read More... »

Posted 2 years ago

Today's update adds ability to zoom in/out on the world map screen. You can use mouse wheel to do it or pinch if you have touch screen. Similar zoom ability is in the works for actual game as well.

Additionally we have redesigned perks screen to make icons bigger and more prominent and easier to click (which is important if you have small screen like mobile phone)

Also there are numerous minor improvements like selection icons on the side of hero and alliance screens, different item categories selector on hero tab and small tweaks in other places, too numerous to mention.

The update was uploaded for browser version as well.

Posted 2 years ago

It's been around a year since we have been working one way or another on porting Totem Tribe II: Jotun to new platforms. New platforms are essential to bring more players into the game and today we are ready to announce our first results in that direction.

We have managed to create web (browser) of the game which allows to play TT2 in any modern browser without installation. This means you can play the game on the following new platforms:

  • iPad
  • MacBook
  • iMac
  • Android Tablet
  • Chromebook / Chrome OS
  • Linux Desktop / Laptop

While the game might technically run on mobile phones, the interface is not yet adapted to be used on phones, but this is what we are working on right now.

Currently this is soft-release for the web version. We are providing access for a limited number of players, so if you have any of the devices mentioned above and want to try TT2 on them, post in the comments below and state your device - I will send you the link via private message when there will be an opportunity.

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Posted 2 years ago

Recent updates were mostly about optimizations and performance and current one is not an exception, but we decided to explain it a little bit.

There were numerous optimizations and current update improves the overall performance of the game, which should be the most noticable on slow/old computers, especially scrolling the world map which were laggy before.

There performance updates are the results of ongoing porting of the game to different platforms and we have made a lot of success in that direction so far!

We plan to relase version of the game playable in the browser until the end of this year. That means you will be able to play the game on iMac, MacBooks, Linux, and non-Windows tablets (iPad, Android tablets, etc).

After we will release browser-based version we will focus on mobile version of the game and eventually you will be able to play Totem Tribe II: Jotun from your phones too!

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Posted 3 years ago
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