3 more Dungeons added

We did a survey and it appeared that dungeons were one of the most favorite quest locations and most people are beating them all the time. Therefre we have decided to add 3 more dungeons into the game.

We have added:

  • Dark Dungeon
  • Devastated Dungeon
  • Uncharted Dungeon

Can't guarantee that all existing heroes will find them, but new heroes or recently created ones will be able to play them through for sure.

The final dungeon puzzle also now requires 11 pieces instead of 10 as it clearly consists of 11 pieces and we have fixed this mistake now.

Do you like the addition of more dungeons or there are enough of them already?

Posted 3 years ago.


will be happy to try these dungeons  but first a special thanks to you and all the Dev's who worked so hard to solve the problems that show up in the game.

3 years ago

Thanks a lot ! It's great idea to add dungeons.

3 years ago

They are my favorite locations and I would like to see 30 more added ! lol 

3 it's good too :-) Thanks a lot !

3 years ago

I'm with Leto lol I would like 30 more but 3 is a good start lol.  :-)  Thank you!

3 years ago

Love the dungeons (apart from beacons) so am happy to see additional ones, thanks for listening and adding more :).

3 years ago

Oh great job guys.  Love the dungeons and the addition of more was wonderful.  Thanks for a great game.

3 years ago

Very happy to have more dungeons, and I agree with Leto Atreides and River - the more dungeons the better :)

3 years ago

You might want to recheck the quest, I still need the 11th seal and it says I have them all. 


3 years ago

If you got them before the introduction of new dungeons it can say that.

3 years ago

I love dungeons, there can never be too much of them.

3 years ago

it says its unable to access Enkord update Agent what shall i do ????

2 years ago

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