Information Age Planes

Today we have unlocked some planes for the Information Age, notably - the Jet Fighter and the Stealth Fighter.

Jet Fighter - improved version of the Biplane from the Industrial Age, carries more load, does more damage, a little bit tougher to destroy.

Stealth Fighter - this is the ultimate aerial unit to do unexpected damage to catch your enemies unprepared. When you send attacks with these planes only, they are invisible on the world map until they actually hit the target town.

Stealth Bomber - not yet unlocked as we want to gather your feedback about Stealth Fighter first. This unit will allow to drop bombs unexpectedly (including Atom Bombs!) which means serious damage all of a sudden. So please go ahead, try out the Stealth Fighter and let us know, so we will be able to tweak and unlock Stealth Bomber accordingly.

Posted 3 years ago.

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