More Puzzles and Minigames

In today's update we have made two major additions - the ability to spawn more puzzles in second towns and the new earthquake area. Read on!

More puzzles

In second and further towns now interesting things like puzzles can be spawned not only at the edges of the map, but also in the middle of it! (If the town is not on fertile soil and the center is not taken by extra food spots). Here is what can spawn in the middle of your town from now on:

  1. Puzzle
  2. Minigame (like garden, tesla, etc)
  3. Maze with enemies
  4. Pagan Circle
  5. Railroad (was possible before the update)


From now on sometimes your town can have unreachable section which can be accessbile when earthquake happens and the landscape changes. The earthquakes start to happen closer to the apocalypse.

Those changes will work for new towns.

Posted 3 years ago.


Sounds awesome! I love the puzzles and minigames!

3 years ago

Sounds good to me :)

Good timing as well, as I've yet to get my second town up.

3 years ago

It will be especially noticeable at port tows where there are usually 2 puzzle spots instead of 4 as it is regularily. Now it will be 3 for ports and 5 for regular towns.

3 years ago

Just started a new town, and I must say it feels like a christmas present, because I've gotten so much puzzles and minigames(one of the dailies I was looking for too). I had made a lot of port towns before(which might have had something to do with it) but now it feels a lot nicer.

Could've been luck, but it feels like it has some impact and it's a nice change :)

3 years ago

I had a railway spawn in the middle of one of my hop towns that was way too close to th city center. Had I kept that town, i would had to build around the railway. Any chance you can adjust the position?

3 years ago

No, sorry. If not railway you will have some trees and lakes and hills in the middle of it anyway and will have to build around them too.

3 years ago

Olá, eu comecei uma cidade no deserto e tem dois quebra-cabeças idênticos, não sei o nome dele mas tem a imagem no link, acredito que é um erro. ha /

2 years ago

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2 years ago

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