Railroad - New Puzzle in Town. Other Puzzles Improved.

We have added a new type of puzzle which you can find in your towns, called railroad. Even multiple ones in the same town can be found.

This puzzle will also be reset some time after solving so you will be able to solve and gather rewards multiple times.

In addition by popular demand we have redesigned existing puzzles to allow multiple plays. Now all puzzles start with first level and after solving some time later they are upgraded and you can solve them again, therefore now regular puzzles can be solved 6 times each instead on just 1 before the update. This will be working only for new towns though.

Let us know what you think about it.

Posted 3 years ago.


great idea, thanks!! about railroad puzzle, will let you know when i get one :)

3 years ago

Great news!!! Thanks Devs!

3 years ago

like this a lot

2 years ago

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