We have been working on these caves off and on for almost a year. Finally we are ready to release them. This started as a little quirk to have something for people to do while they were waiting for the tasks to finish, but grew bigger and bigger with various features as time flew by.

This is the  "surprise" I was referring to months ago. It was originally planned to be released with Alpha 4, then by New Year's Day, but was completed only now - since we had to rework our quest system to get it running.

So what exactly are those caves?

There are number of quest locations scattered around the world map that can be found in different ways. Some of the caves can be found just by uncovering the world map with explorers, while others can be located when you find the appropriate map items in your towns or in the chests. The caves are not related to the storyline, there is only one quest associated with them and it is optional. They are more like "Lonely Iceberg" level in original Totem Tribe - you can safely skip them, but you can explore them for fun.

Why "Random"?

Different caves have different length and difficulty, but the most important thing is why they are "random" - the caves are mostly different for different players are heroes. Each player playing the same cave will experience different things - one player will be gathering items and another might be fighting monsters. There may be similar parts in different caves, but the bigger the cave, the less likely you will find exactly the same one again.

What can be found in them?

A lot of stuff. Despite not having "legit" quests due to their randomized nature, there are a lot of trademark Totem Tribe stuff in them. These caves were made specifically for the single-player type of players who have beaten Ruins of New Kyiv and Keepers Village and are craving more. However, if you are more into multiplayer stuff, don't dismiss these caves too quickly - there are plently of items in them, including rarer things like Blueprints and Figurines of Enlightment, so you have to give them a shot.

Things can be found in the random caves:

  • Monsters - incuding a bunch of new ones like zombies, flying coffins, scorpions, golems, and spiders
  • Items - plenty of useful items including Blueprints and Figurines of Enlightment, although don't expect them to find easily ;))
  • Collectable hidden objects required to unlock deeper parts of the cave.
  • Secrets! Let's see if you can find at least one on your own
  • Gems
  • Bosses; If you are lucky (or unlucky) you may find them.
  • Traps - ouch!
  • Gems
  • Other quirks put there to block your progression or just for fun.

How to access them?

High level players will probably have access to all of them right away if not very soon, but the most interesting is exploring them as a new player when you uncover/unlock them one by one, retracing your steps when one of the caves is too difficult inside.

This is the biggest content update so far since alpha 4 launch, so let us know in the comments below what your impressions are regarding these new caves.

If you have beaten several caves (at least 3 of them), please submit more detailed impression regarding caves here.

Posted 6 years ago.


Hurray! Thanks and congratulations for the devs! Going to see for myself immediately.

6 years ago

Nice job ENKORD! Awesome job guys!

6 years ago

Thank you for these brand new caves.

Visited 2 already on the four I've spotted. 1st one was OK, just finding gems. I preferred the second one with the traps that I happily succeeded to disable before going further. Good fun. I feel I'll have to come back later as some rocks seem to be blocking the way to further exploration.

Thank you for these new developments. Can't wait to visit the last 2 !

6 years ago

2 of my 3 hero's died (gotta wait 6 hours to live again), one I know why, the 2nd I have no clue, the 3rd (in Katoria) found 3 caves but that was it, there are no more in my area, so they must be hours away and under the fog. 

6 years ago

I have to remind that people should post about their initial impressions here in the comments and detailed impressions in the survey thread posted above. Otherwise we will have no idea what we did right and what we did wrong about caves.

6 years ago

Nice new feature, but the randomness means some players have much more interesting experiences than others.

For each of my heroes the first cave found was Small Cave and every time it had an ice block early on and I didn't have the item to get past.  I was only able to do any exploration at this stage because my slightly higher level heroes each had three caves on the already explored area of the map.

Some of the rewards are useless - there's no point in the final chest in a cave giving me food, especially as there were no enemies to fight there and so no need for any troops.  There are few situations where any of the basic resources are useful as cave rewards because there's no way to get them out of the cave.

6 years ago

The Small Cave is the same for everyone and I can hardly call it a true cave, more like an appetizer. The useless rewards in chests is a completely different issue which is not exclusive to the caves.

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6 years ago

I'm one of those players who started recently and are discovering the caves one by one. Not really sure what's the limit between "first impression" and "detailed impression" but here you go :

The first cave I found (the closest to my first city) was a "small cave", and upon visiting it, I was almost immediately stuck by ice. Ouch, heartbreaking. As of now (just founded my second city), I still cannot break it I believe :-( .

The second one I found was a "hollow cave" with some secrets (there is no spoiler alert in the page title so I won't say more). That was so cool, I felt some child-like amusement, and I immediately started to realize that totem tribe 2 could actually have a lot more secrets like this ( the final version) and that that would make the experience really interesting

The third cave I found, a "mysterious cave". At some point there was a gem surrounded by plates (which was obviously a trap), but I thought "oh well, let's just see what happens", and after walking a bit towards the center (I only brought my hero), the game pseudo-freezes and a message pops up "your hero has died and will be brought to the village", and only after clicking the ok button did I see what the trap actually was. Yeah again, it would have felt better to have some "hero dying" animation before that popup showed up, otherwise it's really killing the magic of the game (or at least the magic you could feel in the first totem tribe), like the freezing battles : "sorry dude, this game is still under development".

In a nutshell : 

  • You discover your first cave and you cannot even make 3 steps inside it without being blocked ? Meh...
  • Probably some cool secrets in those caves that will make you realize what you can actually do in this game
  • Typically, I'd want to be able to explore at least one new cave per day to make it interesting
  • I mean, dying from traps is ok, but maybe you be more creative and find more "interesting punishments" than just the stupid death, like you get sick and lose some stats until you find a cure, you break your nose and you can actually see it on your hero portrait, you get ambushed by bandits and they ask you for a ransom, etc.
  • So I'm not really sure I understand... there won't be any "dungeon-like" cave that you can explore with your friends (or maybe this isn't part of the game engine to have real-time multiplayer) to fight bosses, being rescued from traps, etc ?

I'll post some more thoughts in the forum after I explore more of them

6 years ago

I have encountered 2 caves right away and 1 as I leveled up.  I am stuck on the stalagmites.  I just cant find them and absolutely cant see them.  I have eyesight issues though so maybe that contributes to that.  I clicked on everything I could imagine and still nothing - not even one.  So not sure what I am doing wrong.  The one I cant find anything in is Hidden Cave.  I like the caves but the stalagmites are just too frustrating for me.

6 years ago

A plea to the Devs -- please, please, pretty please make the last item in the caves vibrate like in the old TTG.  It is becoming really frustrating to find all the objects except the very last one, especially after trying 4 or 5 times.  The background of the caves makes it very challenging to begin with, and often the last one seems to be just impossible :(

6 years ago

Fog cleared by alliance and fog cleared by hero, only fog cleared by hero reveals caves.  My hero Charlotte has just found Dire cave under fog that was previously uncovered by my other Hero Bucket.  Now I feel I need to uncover fog for a long way around, before rejoining my alliance, so as not to miss out on the other five caves.

Hidden I know comes from a map, so the others may be found that way.  Hidden was close, but how far away are the others?  How much fog must I uncover as an individual, before I can be sure of finding caves I will get when hero levels up?

6 years ago

Reply to Syzen :

A plea to the Devs -- please, please, pretty please make the last item in the caves vibrate like in the old TTG.  It is becoming really frustrating to find all the objects except the very last one, especially after trying 4 or 5 times.  The background of the caves makes it very challenging to begin with, and often the last one seems to be just impossible :(

I second this suggestion.  It would be really really helpful.

6 years ago


5 years ago

ditto all that ^^^

5 years ago

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