After we released random caves I had a lot of ideas for improvement which required re-evaluation of the concept. The dungeons we present today implement these revised ideas. Initially, we wanted to release them with Alpha 6 launch, but decided to postpone it and focus on monser dens instead. We have been working on these dungeons on and off for about half a year. They are now ready for the prime time.

So what exactly are these dungeons?

Dungeons are a number of quest locations scattered around the world map that can be found in different ways - just like caves and monster dens. Some of the dungeons can be found just by uncovering the world map with explorers, while others can be located when you find the appropriate map items in your towns or in the chests. The dungeons are not related to the storyline. There is only one quest associated with them and that is optional - but it is quite fun and rewarding if you complete it.


Just like caves (and unlike monster dens), dungeons have different length and difficulty. But most importantly the dungeons are different for different players and heroes. Each player playing the same dungeon will experience different things - one player might be gathering items and another might be fighting monsters. There may be similar parts in different dungeons, but the bigger the dungeon, the less likely you will find exactly the same one again. Also unlike caves, dungeons are not as linear and may have different branches.

What's in them?

A lot of stuff. Despite not having "legit" quests due to their randomized nature, you will find lots of trademark Totem Tribe items . These dungeons were made specifically for the single-player type of players who have beaten the story locations, caves, and dens and are craving for more. However, if you are more into multiplayer stuff, don't dismiss these caves too quickly! There are plently of things in them, including rarer items like Blueprints and Figurines of Enlightment, so you have to give them a shot.

Things that can be found in the random caves:

  • Monsters - Ghosts, Skeletons, Zombies, Flying Coffins, Spiders, Worms, Muscards.
  • Items - plenty of useful items including Blueprints and Figurines of Enlightment, although don't expect them to be found easily ;))
  • Secret buttons and switches
  • Collectable hidden objects required to unlock deeper parts of the dungeon - timed for the first time!
  • Puzzle sequences
  • Secrets! Let's see if you can find at least one on your own
  • Gems
  • Traps - defused differently than the ones in caves.
  • Other quirks put there to block your progression or just for fun.

How to access them?

High level players will probably have access to all of them right away - if not very soon. But most interesting is exploring them as a new player when you uncover/unlock them one by one, retracing your steps when one of the dungeons is too difficult inside.

This is the biggest content update so far since the Alpha 6 launch, so let us know in the comments below what your impressions are regarding these new dungeons.

If you have beaten several dungeons (at least 3 of them), please submit more detailed impression regarding dungeons here.

P.S. These dungeons are the first major creation from our new level designer Random. He has been contributing to dens too, but this one is mainly his design under my supervision, so let him know in the comments below how you liked it or not. I bet it will motivate him to do more things in the future.

Posted 4 years ago.


Just completed or at least I hope I completed abandoned dungeon. I must say a job really well done Random. Very nice. I hope the rest of the dungeons will be as good as this one.

4 years ago

Too much fun. Well done! :) Visited five dungeons going back to revisit because .. well the more I do the more I know. A variety to discover, reveal. Just enjoying it! Thanks for this.
I could go on about it all - tell you what I think of this or that - but I would not want to spoil anything for anybody.

4 years ago

So far, absolutely love it! I have only visited 3, but like Simba will have to go back and revisit those still. I spent a good couple of hours in my Desolate dungeon and found it enjoyable, challenging and fun. Thanks for this superb addition to the game.

4 years ago

I have visited 6 caves. One had a timer that caused a crash, then came back and had 2 chests to put teeth and horseshoes in none to be found.

 then 3 others have some kind of Beacon I have to light, with items that move (a statue, 2 clocks, then 2 clocks and a chest of drawers), . Either one, two or 3 in the 3 dungeons. Nothing happens, they just go around and around. They vibrate but stop after I move away.  Thus my comment on the common chat of "I am stupid"

The other  2 dungeons have a lever behind a steel gate that I can't find anyway to open, Thus did a lot of walking around, did have some skeletons to fight for a break, I can only hope the other 3 dungeons (that I have not found any maps for) have a bit more to do in them. 

The attention to detail is beautiful. Thanks for an added items to keep us busy till Alpha 7. 

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4 years ago

You are so sneaky! Bet you are just chuckling to yourself, Random. Ha! Nice nice job on the dungeons. Now I just gotta figure out those moving items and beacons. You have made me a very happy player. Great job. Oh and you too Berserker. 

4 years ago

Must say I agree with all of those comments - love the dungeons even if I did fall into a couple of those nasty traps!  Likewise I must go back and revisit them as I did not find all the hidden button and switches despite looking.  

Well done! very enjoyable!

4 years ago

I also like the dungeons, especially the timed hidden object puzzle.  Mainly I think because my eyes are programmed for those items. :) the beacons are hard, when you get to 5 or more  vibrating objects. But I am dying to know what it will bring when all dungeons are finished.    Well done!! I bet there were a lot less attacks since the update :)

4 years ago

I like them.  The beacons, however, are killing me, lol

4 years ago

I have been too two of them. Too much clicking, I am bored with them already, not sure I will go back for awhile.

4 years ago

Reply to Tuey :

I have been too two of them. Too much clicking, I am bored with them already, not sure I will go back for awhile.

The typical "hate it first, but love it afterwards" Tuey :)

4 years ago

I do have to agree with the amount of spam clicking involved, lol It's making my carpal tunnel act up.  :-)

It hasn't put me off though.  I just rest between visits, lol.  Maybe some things could be a tad more obvious such as some of the switches but overall I'm enjoying the challenges.

Edited by River 4 years ago.

4 years ago

Excellent job Random :-)) Lot of observation is needed if not, like River said, the amount of the clicks involved is a little bit high. I really enjoy the beacons, my favorites ( that one with 15 items was great ! ) . Time hidden objects puzzles are nice too ( maybe create more with different degrees of difficulty) .For the traps , once you figure out is quite easy. What I like is big dungeons having differents sections with differents things to do, you're not bored like this, and you can rest the carpal tunnel hopping from one section to another :-)) Some hidden buttons are really quite tough to find but I like challenges too! Well done :)

4 years ago

Absolutely love the dungeons! I find them more entertaining and visually pleasing than caves (just my personal opinion). I am having trouble figuring out how to turn on the beacons, perhaps some hint would help?  Would love to see monsters in more of them, but it might be just lack of luck since the dungeons are random. Some of the hidden buttons are very hard to find and require a lot of clicking. Overall, fabulous job Random :D

4 years ago

I totally enjoyed the Dungeons and I sincerely hope you have more in the next alpha, now that I have done them with 2 hero's I miss them already.  

4 years ago

I definitely love the dungeons - well, if you put aside the beacon puzzle (still have to comprehend the moveable items directions) ;)

Would be nice though if it was more obvious when you have really beaten them, but that's probably not intended 'cause of the randomness and the hidden secrets.

All in all I can say that the dungeons are a great addition for those players, like me, who are not into the multiplayer PvP aspects. Very well done - especially the graphics, Random !

There's only one thing that would be even better: more places to visit, that tell the story further.

Edited by Andruxius 4 years ago.

4 years ago

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