Adopting from Foster Care

I am not sure this is allowed, and if not, please go ahead and delete it.  

I am in the process of adopting a child from Foster Care here in the United States.  My only source of income is Social Security.  I live in Iowa in a little rural town.  The child I am looking to adopt is located a 3 hour drive from me.  In order for me to visit with him, I must drive to the city he is in and if I want to spend more than a few hours at a time, I must get a motel room so I can spend the night.  The state is not very helpful as far as funds go to help me pay for these travel expenses so that I may visit and get to know my potential son better.  I have started a couple of funding sites to help me pay for expenses.  One of  them is set up through a 501C3 charity organization and the link is:   All donations will be used to cover travel expenses such as gas, lodging, food, etc.

The child I am trying to adopt has been in Foster Care most of his life and has lived in a residential facility for most of that time.  He is a lovable 15 year old who wants a family very badly.  Just so you know, I had to go through 10 weeks of training and have a home study to get a license to adopt children in my state.  I also had to be fingerprinted and have a background check completed.  I am committed to adopting this child and anything that anyone can spare is greatly appreciated.

I also have a fundraiser set up in Facebook for those of you who have that.  My facebook line is:

Thank you in advance to anyone who sees fit to contribute to these funding platforms.  

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The second link doesn't even work. All of the links seem to have already been cleared. 

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I'm glad you are looking to adopt a child, but I dont think this is allowed in here. I suggest you pm  your friends in the game instead.  Nevertheless, GL  :)

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