I think there is a bug in Cannibal Dugout. I could not find all twisted horns to open last chest that needs 5 twisted horns. I was short of 2 twisted horns that I couldn't find in the cave so I came outside of the cave to find them. Luckily I found one but every time when I pick it up flashing light goes on. I then come to world map and then again enter in Cannibal Dugout the twisted horn that I pick up shows at the same place and I am again short of 2 twisted horns. Please help.

2 months ago

Reply to Argo :

I think there was a temporary issue with the game when I tried to pick up twisted horn. Now I picked it up. However I couldn't find the last twisted horn.

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2 months ago

*** SPOILER ***

The reason you can't find the last twisted horn is because it is in the chest you are trying to open so unfortunately you will never open that chest with this hero.

In future open the bottom one (4 horns) last as there is a twisted horn in the other two chests.

2 months ago