The End of Aruku's Faith

This was the aftermath of the incident that happened at the Comet, where Aruku sacrificed her people to the Comet in attempt to gain its powers. During that time, many tribes that were hoping for her; the Wolverine Tribe for example, had already lost their faith in her. Aruku didn't care, because getting that blessing of the Comet was something that she'd always cared about at the time.

However, it was none other than what was called the Call of the Comet that made Aruku do everything that changed the tide forever. Apparently after quite some time after successfully calming down the monster inside of the Comet by listening to the Call of the Comet itself, nothing had pretty much happened, aside from the obvious factors where many tribes started to portray the Hawk Tribe as people who seek to work with the greatest evils.

Because of the Call of the Comet, Aruku had already abandoned the Tear of Heaven, the crystal that was guiding her during her journey, because she knew that it'd be useless for her, so she threw it out to the ocean, never to return. She then had grown more serious about the blessing of the Comet, trying to do what it demanded to be able to gain its powers. So far, no one knew what the blessing was or what it actually gave up to Aruku.

Eventually over as the time went, Aruku started to sway away from beautiful dreams that one would need to be able to resist the Shades, to dreams about representing a new evil and a lifetime partner to the Comet's call. This eventually, started to get worse and worse, to the point where the Crimson Shore started to reform a new successor to the Shades that Aruku defeated; the Chromas!

The Chromas were said to be more powerful than the Shades, so to counter this new invasion, a mysterious force from the heavens was called upon, and that mysterious force would take the new Tear of Heaven, and be able to go on a new quest to solve the mystery of the Comet, a quest that is eternal and will never end until a solution is found...

To be continued...

My favorite ending of the original Totem Tribe was the evil ending, because it was the ending that got me the most curious. What exactly was the Call of the Comet? What did it exactly give to Aruku? 

1 year ago

That story will be continued in Totem Tribe 2. In fact it is continued already, but it is probably not obvious at all, but you will find cues here and there if you are really commit to it :)

1 year ago