As have developed my towns my cells have grown on the map and I had got two close neighbours. One who started around the same time and our cell area had been growing at about the same rate and the other seemed to have been playing a lot longer because their area was huge and they had more towns and roads etc.

My boundary ended up against theirs - this wasn't an issue as we weren't fighting - if that makes sense it just tells me where they were

What has confused me is I have noticed tonight on the world map that they seems to have lost all their cells and have gone back to one town. The roads they had built are still there but they are not within their borders

What has happened to them - have they reset their game or something or had another played beaten them?

I'm curious as to why this has happened

5 months ago

Looks like they have been destroyed by some other player

5 months ago

Oh dear

5 months ago