Crashed Island for Windows 7

My Beetle Island keeps crashing, so I can't return to get the rest of my jewels. I looked at the instructions previously posted for crashing islands, but I can't find any of the .dat files. I don't know if this is because they are located somewhere else, or because I have the newest version of the Original Totem Tribe, and these instructions are for previous versions? HELP!!!

7 years ago

Recently I have been facing the same issue while playing Dota 2, Battlefield etc. There are some kind of issue that you need to check properly. In most cases, the problem is about when driver is not updated properly, that happened in my case. 

You need to check whether the driver is up to date.You need to check whether the installation of the software properly done or notNeed to scan your computer. To know more details can check out this post that helped me a lot to solve out the problem.

I dont know whether the problem is solve out or not gormogon, if it is thats a great job, otherwise these methods will help you to resolve the issue.

Have a great day gormogon.

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