democracy politics, lots of theories can be imagined around these politics, one would ask himself, why did the developpers make such a big catch, for a single extra strategic resources, can it be that important?

well I still think very high of these politics, but honestly the way the game is going now, there is no way people would think about how offensive these politics are, and how strong it is to play it when submerged in a strong team.

this is my suggestion for the game developpers, this politics is very strong and offensive, but regarding how the game is played it's unlikely for people to like it, I think it's best to drop the corruption it gives to 25% or even 20%, temporarely of course, just to encourge people to play it and see it's power and limits, and I think later it should return back to 30%.
I couldn't find much opinions about the democracy because people do not try it, and the reason of course is the high cost of it, so I guess it is great to buff it a little, temporarely.

also for anyone who has any ideas about democracy I wish he puts them here so we can learn together about them

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