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the devs are more than welcome to remove this post if they see fit after they have read this message.

I've decided to post it here, since frankly, people have started to really ruin the spirit of GUNROX over the new moderator.

Ever since CrazyBee was made a mod - there have been silences and bans, which reinforce the rules and require players to play in a legit way again and not fake, even though they are still around, most of it is gone for the mean time.

The issue currently stands that, insults and trashtalking has gotten worse to the point where bans are now being handed out, you can be banned for insulting so it's all within the rules, but the GUNROX community is not taking it lightly that people are being banned for simply saying ''wtf'' ''fuck'' etc etc, some ban reasons are just ''call bers'' ''recording'' etc etc, these bans are still legitimate(I'd hope so at least) but the reasoning just doesn't give the right reasoning, if that makes any sense. This post is not to give hate towards the moderator or the players, although both have acted poorly in different areas, which just makes the whole situation worse. 

I will link 4 videos, just to showcase the ''general'' day on Gunrox nowadays.

The meaning of this post, is to hopefully give a reason for the players in GUNROX to calm the **** down, since, hopefully you(berserker) have seen this and everyone can be finally at ease knowing you are aware of this. I am not asking for the moderator to be removed(unless he has broken the mod rules, which you can look into yourself if you'd like), but I am just asking for you to acknowledge this, and just either address this yourself over on the GUNROX forums, or give a comment here or somewhere so this whole complaining, threatening, arguing and fighting in GUNROX can stop and that all of the complainers can be directed towards an ''official'' response from the dev team.

Thank you.

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Well, maybe his ban reasons do not look professional. I will tell him to write better explanations, but overall GUNROX community is very toxic and what he does by cleaning it is a good thing. Nevertheless this is the wrong place to discuss it.

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Cannot reply, thread is closed