So I have found a tree with something in the hollow but it says I can get it - do I need to be a higher level or am I missing a trick

I'm wondering if a green key is in there cause I am one missing......

6 months ago

Needs 10 dexterity, just a regular consumable, not the key.  There are some moveable rocks, thorns to cut, ect.., keep looking for your key.

6 months ago

I'm in trouble here. Forgot to walk into the skull shadow and now I don't know how to get to Preddo Mountain. Is there another way please, coz this is what I've been waiting for all along. Preddo Mountain is the coolest:). Gypsy Tabor looks just like before I did the quest and there's nothing I can do.

Best rgds.

//El Conde.

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4 months ago