[HUGE SPOILER] - Complete list of quests

Several people asked for such a list, so I post it. It is a list of actions, that are counted as 'quests' in final score for version 1.03.
DO NOT READ IT if you have not completed game as it may totally ruin you experience.
Entries marked with asterisk(*) are obligatory for completing the game.
Entries commented with 'v1.03 only' are absent in version 1.02 and earlier.

001. *Build 3 Huts
002. *Build Scout Lodge
003. *Find and grab Tear of Heaven

004. *Build Barracks
005. *Find and save Guro the Wiseman

006. *Find and get Dolphin Totem
007. Gather shells and get Diadem of Courage

008. *Bring your people to Monkey Village
009. *Withstand attack inspired by Shade
010. Gather chestnuts and get Pendant of Nature Force
011. Use Oracle
012. Find Coin #1

013. *Fix abandoned Workshop
014. *Return magic pebbles to Hermit
015. Get Heart of Bull
016. Find Coin #2

Red Rock
017. *Build 10 Huts
018. *Survive 3 waves of attackers and get Totem of Monkey
019. Resolve color puzzle and claim Idol of Flame
020. Break the ice and get Hunter's Lucky Stone
021. Find Coin #3

022. *Find Yukun the Witch
023. *Collect roots for Yukun
024. *Destroy Noxious Tower and purify the waters
025. Resolve singing stones puzzle and get Sphere of Clarity
026. Find Coin #4

027. *Destroy 3 enemy groupings and get Totem of Lizard
028. *Win battle against the Shade
029. Bring construction schemes to Wiseman
030. Collect bones and claim Idol of Purity
031. Collect bones and claim Idol of Peace
032. Collect bones and get Traveller's Boots
033. Find Coin #5

Frozen Vale
034. *Collect coal for Isoko of Bear Tribe
035. *Gather shells and claim Idol of Divination
036. *Find Totem of Bear
037. Gather more shells and get Coin #6
038. Release trapped penguins and get Healer's Globe
039. Assemble fishing rod and cath the fish
040. Feed the penguins and get Map to Lonely Iceberg

Lonely Iceberg
041. Prepare Twilight Potion for Alchemist
042. Use Oracle

043. *Hunt Yeti Boss and get Totem of Whale
044. Catch wandering lights, light the bonfires and get Bracelet of Hawk
045. Gather gems of power and claim Idol of War
046. Find Coin #7
047. Present complete coin collection to Merchant

Cradle of the North
048. *Get rid of sharks for Montol
049. *Put totems on correct pedestals
050. *Activate the World Seal
051. *Withstand invasion of Shades
052. Find Pendant of Power
053. Gather Ice Crystals and claim Idol of Storm
054. Gather Ice Crystals and claim Idol of Protection

055. *Find and read all obelisks
056. Bring the pearl to Tower Keeper
057. Find Amulet of Wisdom
058. Find thunderbolts for Wiseman

059. *Raze small camp of Wolf Tribe
060. *Raze main village of Wolf Tribe and get Totem of Wolf
061. Construct requied towers and get Crown of Defender
062. Protect Northern dwellers from dragons
063. Claim Idol of Frost

064. *Find Totem of Snake
065. *Battle and banish Shade King
066. Collect obsidian pieces and claim Idol of Purity
067. Collect obsidian pieces and claim Idol of Flame
068. Collect obsidian pieces and claim Idol of War
069. Gather lava stones for Wiseman
070. Use Oracle
071. Find Blessed Ring
072. Bring Ice Magic Scroll to Hall of Mysteries
073. Bring swords of enchanted skeletons to Training Grounds

074. *Hunt down Beetle Boss and get Totem of Beetle
075. Play with fires and light them all
076. Grow fruits for Yukun and bring them back to her
077. Find Neclace of Spirits

Shark Archipelago
078. *Resolve rotating pattern puzzle and get 1st travel crystal
079. *Remove all dirt and get 2nd travel crystal
080. *Arrange red and white lights and get 3rd travel crystal
081. *Solve ball towers puzzle and get energy sphere
082. *Activate fountains and get Aqualung
083. *Collect blue turtle shells and get Totem of Shark
084. Collect green turtle shells for tower archers
085. Solve lighthouses puzzle
086. Get Mask #4

Island of Worship
087. *Find Main Temple
088-092. *Collect fruits and claim 5 Idols
093. *Win battle with False Aruku and get Totem of Lion
094. Find Masking Cloak
095. Find Mask #5
096. Resolve sudoku pillars puzzle and get Thunder Magic Scroll
097. Resolve glowing spots puzzle
098. Get Map to Lost Temple

Lost Temple
099-103. Open 5 gates and survive
104. Reach the temple
105. Use secret light combo to get gem chests

Crimson Shore (Ruins Of Dreamshore)
106. *Defeat Shade Princes and activate portal to King's lair
107. *Defeat Shade King
108. Solve another singing stones puzzle and get Tribal Amulet

Comet Crashsite
109-111. *Gather crystals and Claim Idols of Storm, Frost and Flame
112-116. *Resolve puzzles near purple crystal pedestals
117. *Destroy all pedestals and remove forcefield
118. *Find entrance to the Comet

Guardian Moon
119. v1.03 only - activate sphere charger device
120. v1.03 only - resolve labyrinth puzzle
121. Purify Tear of Heaven in shining waters
122. Solve 4x4 lights puzzle and get Relic of Prosperity

Inside the Comet
123. *Break Stone Statue down
124. *Do something about Alien Octopus ( feeding the Comet is also considered, faugh )
125. Destroy killing crystal cones.

12 years ago

I had just ask if there was a list of all the quests. Thanks for posting it.

12 years ago

I've been through the game about 7 times now! What an addiction =)

I got just my game about 2wks ago through Real Arcade - it's V1.02 -- I guess they didn't have 1.0w3... and I don't see any way to update it to 1.03.

At the end I sometimes have 121/123 quests completed... since there are some quests ot available in V1.02... are they still being counted as unaccomplished? Is that why I can't get any more than 121/123?


Is 034. *Collect "coin " supposed t be Collect COAL?


In your list - why are two of the Islands listed with 'other' names? Or are those the names used in V1.03?


12 years ago

I fixed the coin/coal mistake.


12 years ago

what does oracle means???

12 years ago

Oracle is a Sphere of Clarity. Gleb posted internal names of quests and items which can differ from public names found in final game.

12 years ago

where can i find the key needed in the seagulls island?
also how can i solve the singing puzzle in witch island?

12 years ago

Key is in the fireplace. Singing puzzle - just find the correct order when all of the stones will be vibrating.

12 years ago

thanks a lot berserker..
im new in the game.

is there any seek and find game made by enkord?

12 years ago

There are some seek and find elements in Inca Tomb but overall - no. You can see list of games made by Enkord here -

12 years ago

thank you berserker.
can u give a tip on how can i defeat the shades when i finish placing the totems and activate the world seal. it takes me almost 3 times to do it. but i cannot defeat the shades.
also how can i get the treasure box near my base it was block by mountains?

thanks alot
looking forward for the sequel of the game

12 years ago

For a suggestion in how to defeat the 3 shades without pulling out your hair watch this video.

Build a hut in that area to get the chest.

12 years ago

HI. Of the items to save. There is wate looks like a panda head. were do i find it?:) thank you.

12 years ago

Guro already answered this exact question in another post by you.

12 years ago

thank you for this list.  However, in my version, there are 127 quests. I have got that once in 18 plays, and 100% explored several times.  Do you know what the other 2 quests are?  I missed one that last time and think it must be something obscure as I always finish the game.  thank you, barb

3 years ago