New Wiki started - help wanted

Off to a lousy start, but I have so much stuff........ }:-}     

Any help, will be gratefully received.  This is my first attempt, at a wiki, but I waited and waited, nobody competent came forward :(

Will try to start off with basic stuff, not planning on any spoilers, yet.

3 years ago

Good luck! I think it could be better than facebook page if done right.

3 years ago

get in touch with superuser he has some good stuff already also, and you could also add the documents from fb to the wiki.

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3 years ago

Very happy to lend a helping hand - well done Stitch :)

3 years ago

Keep going, it's very useful. I'd like to see how to solve quests in karfaree.

3 years ago

We are trying to think of the best way, of organising guides and information, on the game, that is searchable, easily updated and user friendly, to those of us with few computer skills.

I am going to take another look at this one, but if anyone knows of a better program, or who is willing to write a 'how to wiki, for dummies' guide, that would be great.

If we can get something like this going, we will need the developers to share info, on updates and tweaks, which they are not always keen to do.  If the posts could be dated, or show when last edited, that too would be useful.

1 year ago

Right now, its a bit of mess right now.

Pages are for explaining information, not writing things out in first person. That's what you use comments and blog posts for. 

Here are many things that I suggest right now for the Wiki project; organize things a lot. I see pretty much no organization right now. That makes the wikia unlikely to survive in the future; the lack of organization and formatting. Quests should have a category, technologies should have a category, and characters/units should have a category. 

Project looks like it could start to work out in the future but I recommend organizing things and formatting things the way they should be. This has the potential to be great, but needs a lot more work to begin with. 

-Dorothy Nightingale, also known as Gabriella von Haven (Queen of the Haven Tribe) on Discord.

1 year ago