Question about the "The End is Nigh" quest.

Hello. I was wondering what the "The End is Nigh" quest is for? I suddenly saw that it had "updated" in the messaging panel I just don't know what to do.

I'm guessing it has to do something about the victories mentioned in the "Goals & Achievements" section in FAQ, but I don't get how they work exactly. Do only the global top players in each category win? Does everyone win in the category they progressed the most in? Do we have to fight, and all of the survivors win in the category they progressed the most in? 

I'd love to see some answers if anyone has details regarding this, or something related to this. 

Stay safe,

- SHOx 

6 months ago

That quest indicates the coming of the apocalypse. If you will not be able to reach one of the victories in time, your country will be destroyed.

6 months ago