- I finished the ruins (check my reply to the survey, but I have the prison unique section and I heard that to open some doors you need to upgrade your access level in the zoo, but I don't have the zoo, the only other unique section I have is the mall, does it mean I won't be able to open the doors with that hero ? If so, what am I missing ? At the entrance 1 door say "CLEARANCE LEVEL TOO LOW" and the other one "THE DOOR OPEN REMOTELY", inside one door say "YOU NEED PASSWORD TO ACCESS". Also I heard that the 2nd disk is in that zoo too, not like I need it now but does it mean that I had no way of getting a second disk ?

- In the survey, I see "What have you found inside of them? ..., traps," and people seem to say them met those traps, but I NEVER met a single trap in all my 12 ruins with that hero plus the 3 I had with my previous hero, am I really that unlucky or is that a bug ? If not, what are they like, like the one in dungeons ? mines ? or even caves ? or is that something totally new (and if so, what is this about ?) ? In the survey questions 9 to 13 don't even mention them so, could it be that, first berserker made a mistake by asking about traps that don't exist, and then thetis ubique and govols replied that they met them by mistake while they never did ?

1 week 6 days ago

I don't think what kind of traps they are talking about, there is no traps in ruins.

Gadget upgrade is available in the terminal which is accessible regardless whether there is a zoo or not on the map.

Sometimes it is required specific access code found on location to access specific places.

1 week 5 days ago