I am not sure if my report didn't go off or was rejected, anyway I couldn't find it, if it was rejected I think I might be missunderstood

https://ibb.co/1qF05Dz this shows that it doesn't accept reinforcements because my other account has some units there, it is fair enough if I wasn't in an alliance, but since I am in alliance I still might need to reinforce from other players, my other account is not in the alliance so I only have the choice to withdraw my units, which might have a negative impact on strategizing when you are the commander of the alliance.

instead I think if it works this way, would be better, after we choose the units to reinforce, if there are associated players interaction it will be refused by the system and sends this messageĀ https://ibb.co/x5wrKg8

I think that way it won't bother the way we play the game and I wish it's clearer now

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