TT2 Update Log

Astor: 2020-02-24

- client crash fixes
- server fixes

So, you install an update in to the server, which causes the client to crash out saying server problems.

Literally caused the thing you were fixing!


1 year ago

Different people have different client crashes, expecially after we released russian localization.
Also server has many bottlenecks which causes lags and freezes, we trying fix and optimize it when have time for it.
We do client and server fixes regularly, and not every time post about it into update log.)

1 year ago

Hey Astor!

Just making a joke mate!

You saying you were fixing crashes, caused a crash (shut down).

Found it funny is all :)

1 year ago

keep trying to get into game says error

1 year ago

Что это такое?

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1 year ago

когда игру исправите ? со вчерашнего дня не работает 

1 year ago

We are working on it, sorry for inconvinience.

1 year ago