Ok, this is the thread which will summarize all helpful information in one place. We will update it when we will have more info.

Q: I cannot find last shell/root/ice crystal/fruit/etc.
A: Please take a look at these maps of various islands which has all collectible items outlined:
Chapter 5 - Seagull Island - how to find all machinery parts
Chapter 7 - Witch Island - how to find all roots
Chapter 8 - Skull Island - how to find all bones
Chapter 9 - Frozen Vale Island - how to find all seashells and coal pieces
Chapter 11 - Cradle of the North - how to find all ice crystals
Chapter 14 - Volcano Island - how to find all obsidian
Chapter 16 - Shark Archipelago - how to find all turtle shells
Chapter 17 - Island of Worship - how to find all fruits
Chapter 19 - Comet Crash Site - how to find all crystals

Q: I have finished the game but it says I haven't completed all quests, what did I miss?
A: Here is complete list of quests

Q: I am missing few gems, where can I find them?
A: You can use Gem Uility or take a look at Walkthrough videos on Youtube to find them. Those videos will also help you if you stuck in other places.

Q: I have 99% but utility says I've found all of them.
Earlier releases of Totem Tribe contained a bug which prevented from completing all of the gems. You need version 1.02 or higher in order to get 100% of the gems and reach Guardian Moon. We provide replacement copies for those people who purchased the game from some other place and unable to get updated version.

Q: My game crashes when I try to revisit Island XYZ
Take a look at How to fix broken islands thread.

Q: I am stuck on island XYZ, what to do?
Check Walkthrough videos on Youtube - they have complete solutions for each island inculding videos for 100% of gems.

Q: I love Totem Tribe! Is there gonna be a sequel?
Yes! We are working on Totem Tribe 2 which will be a truly epic game! At least 2 time bigger than the first one and will allow multiplayer too.