Totem Package deal

Hi. I  paid for the package that includes Totem Tribe gold, but have yet to receive a licence number to enable me to play it!  I have tried conracting Xsolla ( the people that took my money) they said come to the forums!!  so here I am, hoping someone will see this and be able to assist. Basically I feel like my money has been stolen right now!.

I have also tried to contact enkord directly , but keep getting an error message when trying to submit a ticket.   Do they even exist????    I just want to play totem tribe gold! 

1 year ago

Please check this page, download for Totem Tribe Gold should be on there:

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1 year ago

THANK YOU!!  Finally able to get it, why oh why was this not automatic when I paid!!!!   Thanks anyway 

1 year ago