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Ruins Ruined the Fantasy
Merlin 3 berserker 1 month
I tested Carriers, they work fine, why not release them ?
Anonymous 5 Anonymous 1 month
When I go somewhere 'new' I am thrown out of the game
Ghera 0 Ghera 1 month
Ryanus query -may have spoilers
Young Sun 0 Young Sun 1 month
What happens after 10 victories ?
Anonymous 0 Anonymous 1 month
Game not updating
splogeegal 2 splogeegal 2 months
Victory for alliances
Karamel 1 River 2 months
Reports about new browser/game version (which is awesome)
Anonymous 4 gmcorgi 2 months
Stone Age town monster mobs
Stitch 2 Anonymous 2 months
Anyone can explain the story of Totem Tribe 2 ?
Anonymous 1 berserker 2 months
Tips to Manage Time
FredtheBunny 2 berserker 2 months
My opinion on the state of the game after I achieved war victory (SPOILERS)
Bombrick 10 Anonymous 2 months
Suggestions for improve war
ulukai 0 ulukai 2 months
One location is missing
VenomousOne 8 khaled 12 hrs. 44 min.
HELP! can't figure this out
DMniku 1 Merlin 2 months
3564 culture limit is also easily reachable
Anonymous 1 berserker 2 months
hero stuck in town
Rich Quake 0 Rich Quake 3 months
Questions about the ruins
Anonymous 1 berserker 3 months
Looking for help with ruin puzzle
Amber Lily 4 Amber Lily 4 months
Source of the ambient sounds
Anonymous 1 berserker 4 months
Fire symbols on towns
Lard VSG 2 Lard VSG 5 months