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TT2 Update Log

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- fixed: hero outfit and parameters don't changes on game lobby
- warning popup added when you try send to Town more resources than it can store
- warning popup added when you try select to research coupled Tech
- Now to use Fish (and some other items) you must drop it to idol whirlwind
- Now unit dismiss button won't hide
- fixed:
- fixed: unable to cancel building destruction
- fixed: unable to use Wrath of Kotigoroshko
- fixed: sometime, especially when server is lagging, you can accidentally multiply use or buy some item
- now if friend help is temporary disabled, appropriate button will disabled + hint added
- now friend help requests and results will appear in private chat tab 
- now if it is possible, will show kingdom name of player which ask friend help to speedup construction
- now player can be silenced in game by moderator

- other fixes

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  • Prices and building times are heavily rebalanced. I have created a separate thread on this.
  • Fixed bug when in Opposition Hideout sometimes rock-o-holes were not required to open chest
  • Speedup item times were changed for Ultimate Manual to be useful.
  • Increase experience requirements for level ups (will be tweaked many times in the future still)
  • Leaf skirt now improves speed instead of degrading it.
  • Figurine of Enlightment requirements lowered. First 10 hero levels require none for the meditation.
10 years ago
10 years ago


  • Bug fixed: Towns rebuilt at the tile of some town, which had been razed earlier, failed to initialise properly (no central square, farms, mines etc).
  • Bug fixed: When destroying a town, all troops in the hero army (including the hero) were lost.
  • Corrected the amount of resources returned when cancelling a petroglyph task.
  • Additional resource cost for new town construction is now properly withdrawn.
  • A few client crashes were fixed.
  • It is now possible to use the keyboard to navigate around the world and when inside a town.
  • Right mouse button can now be used to place the hero flag.
  • A few fishing-related bugs were fixed, including unexpected hero relocating and inability to select the fishing float.
10 years ago
10 years ago


- Now you will get special item "Thank You Package" for every 10 recieved friend help.
You cannot use it, but can give it to any friend (open inventory, drop this item to special button with rounded arrows in right bottom corner of screen,
type full target nickname in opened popup (like "berserker@3" or "berserker#1") and press OK)
- now when you enter the game, you will see last N messages in common chat
- fixed: explorer tutorial (invalid hint to empty place)
- now to change Hero build it require special items "Potion of ..."
- fixed: two similar private chat tabs (
- Now if you send PM to offline player, he can recieve you PM when be online. But it don't guarantee than all messages will recieved.
- fixed: Wrait of Kotigoroshko did not work on buildings of level 1
- now you can write PM to someone by type in chat: /w "full target nick" message
- fixed:
- now unable to attack someone if you have active Truce effect
- fixed: in some cases Paton's Hammer can be used without asking player
- now player can be banned in game by moderator
- fixed: in some cases invalid text word wrapping
- fixed: in some cases unable to buy items in cash shop
- other fixes

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10 years ago
10 years ago


  • Corruption mechanics is introduced.
  • The crash when entering the Opposition Hideout or the Herald's is fixed.
  • The crash when accepting a friend help request while being on the world map is fixed.
  • An error in starvation calculation is fixed.
  • Keyboard scrolling is now disabled if chat message enter field is focused.
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10 years ago
10 years ago


- fixed: invisible button for sending items
- markers added for items with expire time and for items for send

You can send ONLY some types of items, with special "gift" marker!

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10 years ago
10 years ago


Balance changes:

  • Fish food values rebalanced
  • Pimitive Rams are signifiantly weaker now plus towers are tougher, this should result in towns being harder to crack.
  • Tower level 5 and Hut level 5 now no longer require blueprints.
  • Resurrection of level 16 hero no longer requires iron
  • Chieftain Hut now a bit less expensive so it requires storage buildings of lower levels now.
10 years ago
10 years ago


  • Right click on the 'Hero flag' button can now be used to find the hero quickly within the town.
  • Fixed a visual defect of depiction of oceanic waters.
  • Extremely excessive indicators of construction/upgrading over palisades are removed.
  • The 'Select all similar' button is disabled for palisades (it was completely useless but led to a notable delay in application execution).
  • Fixed erroneous screen scrolling when clicking a palisade icon in the job queue of a town.
  • Re-selection of similar buildings when switching between own towns is fixed.
  • Resource losses due to government inefficiency are now listed in resource statistics.
  • Only a single stash can be now built per area. Second one becomes allowed after your kingdom reaches the Classical Age.
  • Fixed unexpected army leave when having an attack with several attackers participating simultaneously.
  • Fixed: task duration was occasionally incorrectly presented.
  • Advisor quick access buttons now are visible only as long as you have the corresponding quest unfinished.
  • Fixed the flag becoming disfunctional after the hero's death and followed resurrection.
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- Clock added (top right corner of window)
- Aliance page fixes
- Now when you are member of aliance, diplomatic rules will have effect to your actions. There are small table of abilities: 

spying / slunder / onslaught / reinforcement
kingdom to kingdom + + + +
clan member to kingdom + + + +
kingdom to clan member + + + +
clanmate to clanmate - - - +
Clan to clan: Neutrality + + - +
Clan to clan: War  + + + -
Clan to clan: Peace Pact + - - +
Clan to clan: Ally  - - - +
Vassal to Suzerain - - - +
Suzerain to Vassal + - - +

Aliance system is in development mode now, so, if you want help to test it you should know this:
Each clan member has clan preivilegies:
Neofit - minimal level
Commander  – (work in progress).
Treasurer – (work in progress)
Diplomat – can change diplomatic status to other clans
Recruiter – can invite new members to clan and kick members from clan.
Deputy – can customize permissions of other members, except Leader and other Deputy
Leader – has maximal permissions

Here are several debug chat commands to operate with clan:
If you are Leader or Diplomat:
- invite other player to join your clan:
/clanjoin <"full target player name">
(example: /clanjoin 1234 "astor@1")
- kick player from clan:
/clanjoin 0 <"full target player name">
(example: /clanjoin 0 "astor@1")
- give leadership to other clan member:
/clanleader <"full target player name">
(leadership cannot be given away immediatelly, now delay is about 2 min)

- change clan member permissions:
/clanpermission <"full target player name">
example to set diplomat permissions to berserker@1:
/clanpermission "berserker@1" 4

permision mask values:

When you create aliance, you became a Leader (maximal privilegies).
When you join to some aliance, you became Neofit (minimal privilegies)

NOTE: target player must be online to see your invitation!

- set diplomatic status to other aliance:
example how to declare war to other clan:
/clandiplomacy 785 5

status values:
  NEUTRALITY     = 0
  VASSALITY      = 1
  ALLIANCE       = 2
  PEACEPACT      = 3
  TRUCE          = 4
  WAR            = 5

NOTE: almost all dilpomatic statuses must be approved by other aliance, except declaring of war.

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  • Reduced blueprint requirements again. Now tower level 5 do not require a blueprint for real. Also all buildings that have 20 levels (barrack type buildings, storages) require bluprint from level 19 instead of level 17, thus Chieftain Hut level 10 will require only 1 blueprint for itself - no blueprints for storages are necessary.
  • Bulat in his post-quest advices now should not tell you that you have leaderism when you have communality and vice verse.
  • Powerful fishing spots now require more time to fish.
  • Camp do not provide any culture so it will be less confusing as culture in quest locations does nothing.
  • Primitive Ram's health reduces from 150 to 50 so now they are more fragile and it is harder to do damage to defensive structures.
  • Fixed crash in fisher conversation.
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10 years ago
10 years ago


  • Crash when quitting the game from the world map screen is fixed.
  • Entering a quest location with no hero present using a link is fixed.
  • 'Level 0' captions are removed from buildings being under construction.
10 years ago
10 years ago


- fixed
- fixed
- added information about kingdom politics to kingdom hint and to battle reports
- other fixes

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10 years ago


- Now you can approve friend help request on world map too.
- Addition explanation added to message when you cannot help to friend
- Player info screen added (right click at nick in chat or in report to open it). This screen provides easy way to interact with player (add/remove to friend/ignore list, invite/kick from aliance, customize aliance permission and so on).
- fixed: world map fog issue on login (need to check)
- other fixes

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10 years ago


- Player Info screen improving (now shows all owned and associated kingdoms, hot switch to own kingdom etc)
- other fixes

10 years ago
10 years ago


  • Occasional inability to accept a trade proposal ('unable to make selected deal') is fixed.
  • Basic battle review capabilities are implemented (quite rough and basic at the moment, more features to follow).
  • Yet a few client crashes are fixed.
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10 years ago
10 years ago


- aliance page improved
- aliance info screen added (Still just for debug, to avoid using console commands. Right click at aliance link to open)
- fixed
- now when aliances in-war do not attack onslaught each other for long time (7 days), diplomatic status will switch to Neutrality automatically.
- other fixes

10 years ago
10 years ago


  • Fixed a bug which led to resources being partially lost after server restart (or rather not accumulated as expected).
  • Fixed erroneous ineffectiveness figures on the area statistics.
  • Fixed a bug when cancelling a petroglyph task dropped all stored resources to zero.
  • Fixed 'select all similar buildings' button being occasionally visible even when only one building of the required type were present in the town.
  • Traders are now upgraded (they get a pair of donkeys(or are these mules?) and twice as much cargo capacity) after researching the Transport technology.
  • Fixed a client crash when a trade deal is automatically accepted.
  • Battle replays presentation was enhanced.
  • Quest locations are not highlighted anymore as if they were an appropriate town to build a paddock or quarry.
10 years ago
10 years ago


  • Unique resources will now be lost eventually if fallen out of owner's domain.
  • Now alliance members have shared vision of world map exploration (although somewhat buggy yet).
  • Different picking up and putting down sounds were added to various items.
  • Finally fixed a bug which led to resources being partially lost after server restart (or rather not accumulated as expected).
  • Fixed a bug of traders being upgraded without Transport researched.
  • World minimap positioning bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed an exploration bug when tile where a river enters the sea was not revealed when it should.
  • Some work has been done on the Classical Age.
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10 years ago
10 years ago


- "Potion of total recall" now works propertly
- fixed: two popups shows together when you recieved "thank you package"
- now "Figurine of enlightment" and "Blueprint" can be bought automatically when it needed
- fixed world map hints on resource and army panels
- many types of achievements were implemented

10 years ago
10 years ago


  • Discrepancy between estimated and actual attack times is fixed.
10 years ago
10 years ago
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