Pixilated Pictures in Abandoned City

I think you can reinstall over, without deleting old version. And yes, you don't have to buy it again.

10 years ago

I downloaded the trial version which has fixed the problem with the pixelated pictures. Now it shows as version 1.06. Thank you.

10 years ago

You have to get the start of the picture to make any progress, but one you get the figures at least in outline (someone pointed out one is two figures facing each other and the other is several figures worshipping Anubis), then pick a button and click through the options: one cycle is eight clicks. If one is noticeably clearer than the others, then leave it there.

Once you get the picture as clear as you can that way, pick one part of the picture--like the headdress and head of the woman--and see if, as you click through the bottom buttons if you can't see the shadow of a head. When you can, click it into place. Try to get solid colors solid (hair, face, arms, etc.) as well.

I was completely frustrated by these puzzles the first time through, but they are getting easier because I know that I have already done them!

Hope this helps. Happy gaming!


10 years ago

I have bad eye sight  so I can't make out the pixilated picture and I need  the gem you get for completing the picture to get the magnifying glass I am stuck without it

2 years ago

Reply to berserker :

The is no fault, it was part of the design, so if you can't get that puzzle, we are sorry, but there is nothing we can do. That puzzle is optional and you can finish the game without it.

I beg to differ.  You cannot finish the game without it because without getting the items from these puzzles, you cannot get the final gem of power and other items needed to complete all islands.  There has to be a way to complete these pixelated puzzles to get the needed items.  If so many people are having problems, then perhaps you should check and see if there really is a problem with the code.

2 years ago