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It's been over six month that we've been working on the last story location which advances the story abrupted in Gypsy Tabor and we are getting close to releasing it.

It's been a long time since we have been posting news so we decided to do this announcement to shed some light on what is going on.

Like previous story locations we have been trying to make them unique enough so that each story location brings something new to the table. Same applies to Preddo Mountain.

The Preddo Mountain location consists out of two parts. One is Preddo Monastery which is relatively similar to other Totem Tribe quest locations, but the other one is mountain forest which you have to pass before you reach the monastery. The forest is a shapeshifting mysterious maze which is a tough nut to crack even for us, the developers. It should be a challenge to all Totem Tribe fans. Also this forest will be different for each hero so it will be replayable.

The monks in the monastery know the entrance to Secret Library so it is your final stop before reaching it and hopefully getting the Bronze Sphere, which is an end of the Act 1 of the game.

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Posted 3 years ago

We have decided to do a sneak peak on what will you see in Space Age when it will be released.

Although we are not pushing Space Age at allĀ  (because most of the players don't even reach Information Age, thus we are focused on more quest locations right now), maybe some people would find it interesting to see how some of the buildings will look like:

1) Nexus

This is the main building of that age, aka Chieftain Hut of the Space Age

2) Cellulose Generator

This is your main source of Lumber - upgraded from Joinery Company

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Posted 4 years ago

Today we have released the most unique update ever. Unlike adding extra locations we are adding the ability of your hero to descend underwater.

Now you can explore all the lakes, rivers, seashores of your towns and quest locations from below!

Who knows what can be found there?

To prevent spoiling the fun, we will not reveal any more details on how to descend underwater and what lies below, so feel free to explore and post your impressions here in comments.

WARNING: comments may contain spoliers though.

Posted 4 years ago

Today we have added the Brickworks - a new building that was announced some time ago.

This building allows to build special items - Domovoi Bricks which allow you to instantly complete houses or towers.

This building unlocked under Chemistry in Renaissance Age as it's the age where excessive number of houses and towers are starting to get in the way of building other buildings.

Bricks building requires Stone, so if you have excesive amounts of it, you can spend it on those Bricks.

This building is available in Renaissance, but will last until Information Age.

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Posted 4 years ago

We have unlocked new continent Abenia which is in the Tropical Jungle climate.

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Posted 4 years ago

It's been over 8 months since we released a story quest location with Thornsville and now it's time to move the story forward. We were trying to keep the quality level of the story quest location high, that's why it took so long. Today we are releasing Gypsy Tabor to the general public.

Gypsy Tabor is unlocked after Thornsville and at first glimpse may looks like a crossover between Keepers Village and Ruins of New Kyiv. The location quest is non-linear - you can take different sides and make different choices on your progress.

There are also a lot of small bits, pieces, and interactions here and there which, along with non-linearity of the main quest, should improve replayability.

Finally, the secrets in this quest location are quite different than before, most of them revolve around playing outside of the box.

Let us know what you think about this quest location. Detailed feedback is essential for us to determining how important those story locations are for the players and whether we should focus on them or on something else.

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Posted 4 years ago

We have unlocked new continent Littlefield which is in the Moderate Grasslands climate.

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Posted 4 years ago
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Today we have added new consumable items that you can find during your adventures.

There are 3 items:

Domovoi Bricks of Hearth - allows to instantly complete the hut being in construction.

Domovoi Bricks of Safety - allows to instantly complete the tower being in construction.

Domovoi Bricks of Kolyada - allows to instantly complete any building being in construction. This one is very rare, so if you'll find it, consider yourself very lucky.

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Posted 5 years ago

Today we are celebrating the 5th Birthday of Totem Tribe II: Jotun. It has been exactly 5 years since we launched the ALPHA 1 version of the game to the general public and now we are fully into BETA 1 Let's look back and reminisce about things that happened during these years.

The Year

So - what were the major milestones of the past year?

Posted 5 years ago

It the recent update we have added mines that can be found inside your towns.

This way you can dig for purified ore and crystals without visiting the distant quest locations.

This update is one of the numerous features that were implemented after player's ideas. This particular one was suggested by Leto Atreides. You can say thanks to him/her about it.

Posted 5 years ago

Today we have added a new traveling NPC which can visit your town, tell you Stories of Wisdom and help you meditate.

Several updates ago we have split Church into two buildings - Church and Cathedral, making it impossible to reach level 50 in Medieval Age. Today's update fixes this issue. Travelling NPC called Mentor allows you to meditate without Altar, Temple, Church, or Cathedral. It still requires Figurines of Enlightenment and costs resources and may take more time, so use it only if you really need it. Additionally your hero can learn something from Stories of Wisdom this character can tell from time to time.

Let us know what you think about this character.

Posted 5 years ago

Today we have added Hovercraft unit which is an Industrial Age transport ship

It looked weird when brigantines carried modern tanks so we are adding proper transport ship to replace it for Industrial and Information Age.

Hovercraft has twice as much capacity as Brigantine and unlocked under Artillery tech. It is built in Military Port, so it will need sulphur to build that building in the first place.

Unlocking Hovercraft now locks out Brigantine and Wharf so think carefully about when to unlock it.

Posted 5 years ago
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Some time earlier by popular demand we have added more Dungeons into the game and the people accepted them well. Now we are adding 3 more mines.

These new mines are not required to complete the Stakhanoff's quest, they are just adding places you can explore and earn some goodies from them.

Furthermore there are not enough content unlocked on higher levels of the game, so we are unlocking them on high levels. The new mines are:

  • Closed Mine
  • Depleted Mine
  • Large Mine

Let us know if it was a welcome addition.

Posted 5 years ago

In last update we continue to make your towns more interesting and varied, therefore we have added Mercenary Camps and Treasure Stashes into your towns.

Those two area types can be found in new towns you settle after the latest update.

Mercenary Camps - these have a number of units which can join your army for a price

Treasure Stash - the legendary munchkin sir Fred is very hungry for loot, but he does not know what to do with it, so he hides it away and buries it under the ground. If you are lucky, you can find one of his stashes which has some valuable items buried, including Blueprints and Figurines of Enlightment!

Let us know if you have found any of these in your new towns and what do you think of it. Also let us know if you like these updates which add more variety into new towns - whether you like it or not. It will help us to understand better if it's worth adding more of these.

Posted 5 years ago

Today we have unlocked new continent Mujahidabad which is in the Equatorial Desert climate.

Unfortunately that means Jonberg and the Tundra are no longer available for settlement.

The new climate has various new stuff not available in other climates, for example:

  • Coffee World Resource which boosts town defense by 20%
  • Camels World Resource which increases traders speed by 10% but also allows to build Caravanserai and train Camel Archers - unique Medieval mounted units not available otherwise
  • Lizard, Lion, Elephant - animals which can be found and tamed in your towns
  • Bone Hand, Root Hand, Snake Hand, various types of scorpions - monsters that spawn in desert towns
  • Peanuts, Flies - items that spawn only in desert towns.
Posted 5 years ago
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By popular demand we are adding a constant source of figurines of enlightment for those who are unable to level up their heros because of the missing items.

The new building is unlocked in Renaissance Age under Enlightment tech and allows to craft items by the price of reduced resource income (resource corruption). Different items have different penalties and times to craft. Each new level of building reduces crafting time and unlocks one new item.

Here is the list of items you will be able to craft:

  1. Microscope
  2. Vernygora's Hand
  3. Sextant
  4. Truce Proclamation
  5. Treatise
  6. Figurine of Teaching
  7. Arithmometer
  8. Blueprint
  9. Encyclopedia
  10. Figurine of Enlightment

Each town can have this building so you can craft multiple items at the same time in different towns.

Let us know if this new building helps your level up block.

Posted 5 years ago

In today's update we have made two major additions - the ability to spawn more puzzles in second towns and the new earthquake area. Read on!

More puzzles

In second and further towns now interesting things like puzzles can be spawned not only at the edges of the map, but also in the middle of it! (If the town is not on fertile soil and the center is not taken by extra food spots). Here is what can spawn in the middle of your town from now on:

  1. Puzzle
  2. Minigame (like garden, tesla, etc)
  3. Maze with enemies
  4. Pagan Circle
  5. Railroad (was possible before the update)


From now on sometimes your town can have unreachable section which can be accessbile when earthquake happens and the landscape changes. The earthquakes start to happen closer to the apocalypse.

Those changes will work for new towns.

Posted 5 years ago

Today we have seriously rebalanced Renaissance Age tech tree.

We have tried to make it more logical and streamlined. For example, we have moved Hussars below into new technology "Enlightment" because it was unlocked too soon after Knights.

Storage and income buildings moved similarily to what it is in Classical and Medieval ages to allow better progression.

Science building (Archive) has changed requirements similar to Classical and Medieval buildings too.

Tech prices in Renaissance Age were also increased to take into account progressively higher resource and science income.

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Posted 5 years ago

Back in the day we added Zoryana's quests to guide new players into an alliance. We have now added some motivation for alliance leaders to take newbies into their alliances.

We added a special daily Alliance Package - a gift that the alliance leader can receive on a daily basis -depending on how many members the alliance has and how old they are.

Here are the key facts about it:

  • Alliance leader can receive it as often as once per 20 hours.
  • Alliance leader can either consume the package himself or pass it to any member of his alliance.
  • Recruitment of any player into the alliance drops the package wait counter back to 20 hours.
  • Package expires after 20 hours if not consumed or given.
  • There are 10 different package levels with different value.
  • The total value of items inside the package is calculated on members worth. You can see members worth contribution to the package in the members list.
  • New heroes' worth is significantly more. A young hero can contribute 10x-30x more worth into the package than a seasoned player. The contribution decreases with the hero's age.
  • Key info about the alliance package is displayed on Alliance Tab
Find Candidates Tab

Alliance leaders and recruiters now have a special tab which shows all young heroes who have their alliance building built but have not yet joined an alliance. They are sorted by their potential worth to the alliance. This should help find young players to join your alliance.

Hopefully, this will motivate seasoned players to take a step toward the newbies - to help them integrate into the game and its community. Let us know what you think about it.

Posted 5 years ago

We did a survey and it appeared that dungeons were one of the most favorite quest locations and most people are beating them all the time. Therefre we have decided to add 3 more dungeons into the game.

We have added:

  • Dark Dungeon
  • Devastated Dungeon
  • Uncharted Dungeon

Can't guarantee that all existing heroes will find them, but new heroes or recently created ones will be able to play them through for sure.

The final dungeon puzzle also now requires 11 pieces instead of 10 as it clearly consists of 11 pieces and we have fixed this mistake now.

Do you like the addition of more dungeons or there are enough of them already?

Posted 5 years ago
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