[SPOILER] Survey for those who beat Thornsville

Some questions to those who finished Thornsville quest:

  1. How long did it take to beat the location in general? 
  2. How hard was garden puzzle? Was it too big? Too small? Just right?
  3. What was you first impression of Mr. Thorn?
  4. Did you happen to find no suitable answer while speaking with Mr. Thorn? If it's happened, state situations.
  5. Did you finish the feast with Mr. Thorn in conventional way, or prefered to get drunk?
  6. How do you like possibility to skip the main storyline in Thornsville by drinking?
  7. Did you tasted Mr. Thorn's "special dish"?
  8. Did you ask Mr. Thorn if he is a vampire?
  9. Did you ask Mr. Thorn "right" questions or "wrong" questions?
  10. What was your general impression of Mr. Thorn after finishing the feast? Do you find him a friend or more like a foe?
  11. Do you generally believe Mr. Thorn? Did you lie to him?
  12. Did Mr. Thorn shared with you his true intentions? If it happened, did you accept his "special offer"?
  13. Did you try to flirt with Mr. Thorn? Did it have consequences? What do you think about this story line?
  14. Did you investigate Thornsville at night? What have you found? Did you finish the investigation or got tired and went sleep?
  15. How hard was torch puzzle? Was it too big? Too small? Just right?
  16. Which way you ended final briefing with Mr. Thorn? Will you work together with him?
  17. Did you explore Thornsville's optional places of interest (wine cellar, second floor of the old wing, backside of the garden)? Did you find there anything interetsing?
  18. What kind of items did you find in Thornsville mansion and its surrounding?
  19. How many secrets did you find in Thornsville?
  20. How many gems did you find in Thornsville?
  21. How did you like conversations in Thornsville? Did they catch your attention or standing in your way? Are they too long/descriptive or good enough? Have you noticed the interactivity of them and various options that are unlocked in conversations depending on certain conditions?
  22. How do you compare Thornsville with a) previous main quest locations like Opposition Hideout/Keepers Village/Ruins of New Kyiv. b) Karfafree c) original Totem Tribe locations if you played it.
  23. How do you like the size of Thornsville in terms of content? Too big / could be split into multiple locations? Too small? Good enough?
  24. Who is Mr. Thorn?
  25. State any other things you have found interesting in Thornsville, not mentioned specifically above.

Since there are at least 4 ways to finish Thornsville main quest, it is ok if you submit the Survey multiple times, one if you have beaten it the first time and again when you have managed to beat it well, maybe even with multiple plays using various characters.

We have had similar surveys for the:

They were quite helpful so if you havent filled up those, it would be great if you will do them too.

10 months ago

  1. Few hrs, it is not important to me.
  2. Just right, lot of walking.
  3. It was like: hmmm, who are you?
  4. I think i found right answers.
  5. In conventional way.
  6. i do not skip it.
  7. No.
  8. No.
  9. I do not know :)
  10. I have not yet decided.
  11. Yes. No.
  12. No.
  13. No, next time.
  14. Yes. Some map piece. Broke one armor and fix it.
  15. It take some time to figure it, but after i found how, it was just right.
  16. I will work together with him.
  17. Yes, some secrets, snakes and flute...
  18. Figurine of enlightment, some potions (Total Recall and reconsideration - from splitet wine and empty jar), science point...
  19. 4
  20. Missing 1 pink
  21. I like it. Lenght is good. Yes, i noticed interactivity, will be tested next time.
  22. More fun is in Thornsville.
  23. Good enough, but it could be little bigger.
  24. I have not decided yet.
  25. I do not know now.

10 months ago

1. I think it took about an hour or an hour and a half.

2. I liked the garden puzzle. It was a little strange, but it was fairly easy to figure out.

3. Mr. Thorn really creeped me out, but I enjoyed finding out more about who he was by talking to him.

4. I was really confused when talking to Mr. Thorn. There were many grammer mistakes that I just couldn't understand what meant. (e.g. "is" instead of "if", "you" instead of "to", and either used in an improper way) From what I could make out, I liked the philosophical conversation with world equilibrium. I don't know if he gave me an answer, but he said he would help me find the bronze sphere.

5. I was way to suspicious to take more than one drink, let alone get drunk!

6. I always love the ability to do something completely crazy during these events. It adds a whole new layer of realism, making each situation much more meaningful and personalized.

7. I don't think I got to his special dish.

8. I did not. I treaded extremely carefully around him when talking.

9. I don't really know, but I think I asked both at some point.

10. I really liked Mr. Thorn's characterization. He is so cryptic and has a slight edge of danger in his presense. He has great wisdom, but his motives, besides world balance, remain quite mysterious. I also like the fear in his imagery, making him someone to figure out yet someone to be careful of. I did not trust him completely, but Zoryana eventually convinced me to explore further into him and the house.

11. I never lied to Mr. Thorn. I believed his want to restore world order, but I did not necessarily believe his good intentions.

12. I don't think he explained to me anything else besides world equilibrium, which I accepted in helping him.

13. I let Zoryana have that pleasure!

14. This was my absolute favorite part of Thornsville! I decided to explore the place and drank wine with Zoryana, broke an armor suit with Bulat, and almost read some dirty books with Zweistein. I really enjoyed discovering more about the advisors' characters, having fun and being really creeped out about everything. We found several books of interest, one with a map piece, some interesting armor, and a skull! I wish I wasn't more scared because I went straight to bed after discovering the lounge, the library, and the armory, leaving one corridor unchecked.

15. The torch puzzle was really fun. It was tricky, but I finally got it. The only thing I would change would be to have a stone saying you can just open the last door to unlock all of the doors. This was the reason I needed help since I thought you needed to open the seventh door AND the eighth door, not just the eighth door to unlock all other doors.

16. I agreed to work together with him.

17. I liked discovering the other places of Thornsville. The wine cellar, with the wine, was a nice addition to give you potions and additional story lines, which goes for the second floor old wing and the garden.

18. I found all sorts of things like a microscope, armor, building speed ups, and many other things.

19. I broke a few walls, but nothing much.

20. I think I found all of them!

21. I really liked the way conversations truely depend on what you say, like in real life. The grammatical errors impeded them, but I found the in-depth explinations and chats fascinating.

22. I really think that Thornsville stands out by itself among all the other places. It still has the discovery and hidden object feel of other places, but the atmosphere of mystery, like a classic murder mansion, and the interactiveness between the advisors and objects made Thornsville come alive into a completely different area. It felt like an episode of a T.V. show! Excellent job!

23. I almost thought Thornsville was too short. I really liked how well it flowed and how much you got to do in a short amount of time, so now I just can't wait for the Gypsy Camp.

24. I don't know if he's a vampire, a murderer, a wizard, or just some rich guy interested in our well being, but he is a really interesting and alluring character.

25. I loved the amount you could explore beyond the main story areas. There were so many places to explore that left you wanting more. I can really tell the time you spent on this place. Well done!

10 months ago

1. a couple days ( with a lot of Help Thanks Tuey and Sasa)

2. Thorn puzzle was frustrating, going around in circles (the names I called whoever designed this are unprintable)

3. Mr Thorn I kinda like him.

4. I have no idea, I drank a bit too much wine and was too suspicious of him to eat. 

5. I did the appetizer and Dessert and got drunk

6. It was just fine I felt good

7. nope

8. nope

9. not that I know of

10. I thought he was a friend (Zoryana sure likes him)

11. I never lie (my Dad taught me that one well) 

12. nope

13. no, I like it just fine

14. Yes I found a book, map piece not sure of anything else (had a heck of a time with the key) 

15.  THANKS to SASA I got er done but left to my own little brain I would still be there

16. I agreed to work with him but the mission did not update it still says he is waiting for me in the old wing. Even though I talked to him and he gave me a location to go to that does not exist yet

17. Yes, yes and yes found a flute and some honey and a book

18. nothing that sticks out in my mind (the wine was interesting got a potion but wasted some jars)

 19. oh maybe 4 or 5 or 3

20. I only pick them up if I see them

21. Yes I like conversations others do not, but I get a kick out of them suggestive or not

22. I hope there is more to it then what I have found so far (have not figured out the lever I can't get to yet)

23. Perfect size

24. Some dude that might help me figure out something somewhere sometime

25. Just get the mission to update for me and give me the location he gave me some Gypsy camp. 

On a Personal note, you all really surprise me and keep me entertained. My Hubby is amazed by the amount of time I spend playing. Since it makes and keeps me happy he is happy. Thank you again for your imagination  and hard work. 

10 months ago


1.  Several hours.  I took my time on this one.

2.  Garden puzzle was not too difficult.  It was just right.  Not much frustration here at all.  Easy to figure out.

3.  Mr. Thorn was frightening at first but found him very intriguing.  He's dangerous but I'm very curious.  I wanted to learn more about him.  He is a mystery at this time.

4.  I believe I found suitable answers.

5.  I finished in conventional way.  I took some sips of wine but did not get drunk.  Maybe next time.   I did ask him to do a shot and he declined.

6.  I would not want to skip the storyline.  Maybe in the future after exhausting all possible outcomes I would.   Getting drunk once will be fun to try.

7.  I'm not sure if it was a special dish or not, but I ate something and had flashbacks, and the vision left its mark.   I received 500 exp after the exchange.

8.  Yes, I asked if he was a vampire.

9.  Right question.

10. I would say a suspicious acquaintance.  It is still too early to tell.

11. I believe him.  I don't think he has a reason to lie.  No, I did not lie to him.  

12. Yes, I accepted the special offer.

13. Of course.  He seemed indifferent to it. I found the storyline interesting.  I'm fine with adult conversations.  This is a fantasy game after all. 

14. Yes, I investigated and finished it.  I found the following:  Many books in the library, including 50 Shades, a book on war tactics, and a vampire book. I also found crystals and gear in the armor room, a figurine in a secret location, as well as a microscope, Hoe, Saw, coins, a book of value, battle cry, 50 Shades book.  I also got a piece of a map.  I found a lot and can't think of anything else right now. I opened the chest and found boots.  I attempted to fix the armor rather than steal it.  Lit all torches and got a blueprint.  Burned the webs. 

15. The torch puzzle was of medium difficulty.  It took some time to figure out the last torches.  I also had to start over a couple of times just from making mistakes.

16. I agreed to work with him. He will be guiding me and offering advice. I am already anxiously awaiting Gypsy Camp.

17. I explored all the extra places of interest.  I died in the cellar once.  I found the wine barrels with potions in them.  I found the snake and flute in the garden.  I dug up the cemetery and found some goodies there.

18. Listed above - Plus crystals, devil in disguise, battle cry 

19. I don't remember.  At least 3 , maybe 4

20. I am missing 1 white gem.

21. The conversations were fun and entertaining.  I wouldn't mind more of them.    I love solving mysteries, so having to read for clues is something I would expect--and I enjoy it.  The interaction with advisors was entertaining and funny. I didn't feel alone on this quest.  :D  

22. This is my favorite quest to date. Very well done!  I was completely engrossed in it. It went too quickly and left me wanting more.  I was sad to have finished it.  Not too difficult and not too easy.  I still cannot reach the lever. I hope that means there will be more to do here later. This one had a nice flow without having to run back and forth between other locations.

23. I wish it was bigger.  

24. Besides being a vampire, I'm still uncertain.  He doesn't reveal enough about himself.

25. It held my attention for several hours. 

Excellent job!  My favorite quest to date :))))

10 months ago

I cant get past the torch puzzle. I'm still at the beginning where it says you need two but I cant get another door to open. But I am enjoying the story line.

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10 months ago

After the next update proofreaded version of all dialogs will be available for all players.

10 months ago

1.  A couple of days - but I did not rush it.  I took my time enjoyed it and went away did other things before returning.

2.  I found the garden puzzle easy - had no problems there.  Apart from the white chest and the critical error.  Thoroughly enjoyed the thorns.

3.  Creepy!

4.  Not really - used to having to choose answers I do not really agree with in the game dialogues.

5.  Had the feast.

6.  Did not try that.

7.  Think so - do not remember now.

8.  No - I avoided that.

9.  Right I think.

10.  Foe definitely - maybe useful later - but not trustworthy.

11.  Tried to avoid lying - just tried to get the conversation over and done with.

12.  Do not recall.

13.  No flirting with Mr Creepy.

14.  Yes I investigated and found lots of interesting things - and a number of locked doors.  Did all I could find and then sent hero back to room for the night.

15.  Torch puzzle drove me insane (well - more so than usual )  It was good but got horribly stuck trying to get through door no. 7.  Without help I could not have finished it.

16.  I said I would work with him.

17.  Yes explored them all and found lots of interesting things and goodies and a secret or two.

18.  All sorts of things including a figurine of enlightenment :)

19.  I think it was 2.

20.  Found all the gems except for 1 x blue.

21. The conversations were long - but - good that they could be answered in different ways.  The meaning was not always clear.  The conversation does need a bit of tweaking.

22.  Thornsville was great and much enjoyed.  I enjoyed it more than K - the problems with K are too much wandering around having to talk to too many members of the public - really hate that part.  Plus I do not bother with the zoo now, I am not going to give him any animals and really want the option of killing the zoo keeper and taking the few remaining animals with me instead.  I like all the story quest locations, and I absolutely loved the original Totem Tribe which is how I ended up here in the first place.

23.  The size is perfect - I still have a couple of locked doors - which I presume we have to return to at some later point in the story.  Then there is also the pillar puzzle - have not got a clue what I am supposed to do there!  I would be grateful for any hints from anyone :)

24.  No idea - some nutcase with creepy tendencies.

25.  Looking forward to the next new location - and I want to know what is beyond the pillars.

10 months ago

In answer to question 19:  Just checked "beyond Oasis" for number of secrets found in Thorns (other locations have not been released so all Thorns) and the answer is 4 not 2 :)

10 months ago

Reply to Random :

  1. 2-3 hours
  2. Garden puzzle was not hard, but boring (sorry!). For me, this was a put off, I didn't progress and ignored Thornsville for several months because of this.
  3. First impression of Mr. Thorn was that he is smart/knowing/philosophical, somewhat ironic but generally serious/devoted to whatever his aim/cause is. I'd actually like to be able to re-read some of his statements. I had the impression he considers the world a difficult/serious place, yet there is also place to have fun in it (otherwise you end up being a misanthrop?).
  4. There were a few times when I was hoping for a different reply option, but impossible to remember in retrospect. This was not often though.
  5. I am not sure I understand the question as I only chose water as a drink and no food. So did definitely not get drunk. While I am the last person who is opposed to a couple of drinks, I now have the feeling that by not digging in food- and drinkwise I might have missed something, and I am no fan of that.
  6. I am not aware of that option.
  7. No
  8. No. Again, the replies I chose were somewhat "cautious", and I don't like having to re-do the conversation with another hero in x amount of time, so I wish some of the conversation parts that did not happen during the first conversation due to replies chosen would maybe get picked up in the final conversation to get a 2nd chance for at least some info/details?
  9. I am not sure, tbh.
  10. Similar to question 3 in regards to general impression. I think he is good in terms of being realistic/common sense, meaning he might stand for the right things, but might use what might be perceived as negative actions in order to do or achieve what he believes is right?
  11. I did not lie and generally believed him after the initial "checking him out".
  12. No, so no special offer. (too bad, similar to question 5)
  13. I did not as I thought the storyline would go Karfaree-silly if I did.
  14. I did the nighttime investigation and enjoyed that part, could have been more/longer (I generally enjoyed Thornsville, so this could even have been stretched out for me, e.g. spending several nights, investigating further rooms and having more convos with Mr. Thorn). I found the armory not so interesting, but enjoyed the library, not just for items, but I liked the lit references and the commentary/conversational bits with the advisors.
  15. I sort of peeked at the solution image posted on the forum without using it for everything. I would have liked more clues/instructions in order to have the nerve to tackle it by myself.
  16. I am not sure, I don't think we will work together. He made the gypsy comment (which I found too short/vague), if I hadn't read somewhere on the forum that gypsy something will be the next location, I would have relatively little clue what he meant. I was also surprised the bronze sphere was not mentioned again?
  17. I did. Once I got into "Thornsville mood", these could have been extended actually. Wine cellar was nice for potions, but found nothing else there? Back of garden gave me a dungeon map, 2nd floor old wing a chest. There might be more, but I am not sure if I will go again to look for things.
  18. I did not pay attention too much, besides the ones mentioned in question 17. I remember a blueprint and a microscope from the secrets.
  19. 3, which is massive for me, haha.
  20. I didn't check the pile, didn't seem to be many.
  21. For the first time, I enjoyed the conversation, in fact I wish I could re-read some, also to give better feedback. I much enjoyed the interaction of the advisors, and also how conversation was triggered/popped up automatically often without having to click someone or something. I wish the earlier locations would be reworked with this style.
  22. Apart from the dreadful garden puzzle, I enjoyed this main quest location a lot more than all of the others. I have not played so many heroes but never really enjoyed OP/KV/NK/Karfaree, they all feel like a job I need to do, to progress to other locations or to get items or tools etc. So while those locations have a "must do" connotation, Thornsville has a "enjoy to do" connotation. I cannot describe it so well, but while the other locations try to be multi-dimensional they are flat (for me), while this one is multi-dimensional.
  23. It could be bigger and/or more complex, or longer lasting, maybe as in unlocking further floors/rooms over time, and stretching the conversation with Mr. Thorn across several visits/stays.
  24. An old soul :)
  25. Not sure how to explain this, but getting messages when clicking things (e.g. bookshelves) worked well for me because it gave me the impression that there might be something if I continue to try clicking objects. I don't like being totally in the dark and clicking randomly/everything, so this sort of "guidance" works well for me. It also made me pay more attention to details, like the barrel with possibly blood running out. I liked the "sparkle" in the night investigation, with it I knew what to do instead of trying things too randomly.
  • Also I would like to note that I found the text parts much better this time. They still need work, spelling/grammar/word choice wise, but there were many good/fun/interesting/serious/thoughtful bits in there, for me. I'd like to re-read them just for that, and I generally wish this was possible beyond the tiny bits in the respective quest log. I also enjoyed how the "voices" of the advisors came through very well in regards to their characters. I've been wanting them to interact with my hero much sooner/in other locations, and would like that even more now after having seen that it can work very well :)

7 months ago

1    Several hours

2 Puzzle was not that hard, but really really annoying when the thorns grew backm so from that point of view could have been smaller

3Very creepy

4 Not really

5 Conventional

6  Don't see the point of skipping storyline

7 I don't think so

8 No

9  I thought they were right

10 Still not sure about him

11 I think I believed most of what he said, and don't think I lied

12 I don't think he did

13  No, male hero

14  Yes, that was one of the best parts I finished that, found equipment, can't remember what else

15  I think this was much too hard as you have to do it to advance the story line, I had to have lots of help from people

16 We agreed to work together

17  Yes, did all these, they were fun as well, quite a lot of useful items and a map

18  I think there was def a figurine but lots of other consumable items as well

19 t least 4 I think

20 I don't bother too much with gems, only pick them up if I see them, don't actively hunt for them

21  I found the conversations a bit tedious, would prefer them shorter

22  I liked the size of Thornsville, and actually preferred it to Karfaree, especially as there seemed more to explore

23  about right I think

24 No idea yet

25  Nothing specific

5 months ago

First off I would like to say I have finished this location 3 times now and enjoy it every time!  Would love to see more involved locations like Thornsville & Karfaree.  I normally do NK & go get a salad made in Karfaree to get in the Palace to open it early on in a hero.  My response to the survey follows...

1)  It takes me hours, sometimes longer if something comes up while there

2) The garden puzzle is not hard but much like the road stones say  lol  A delight to beat

3) First impression of Thorn was uncertainty

4) I found Thorn's answers cryptic and good, helped with uncertainty... have answered in different ways on different visits  :)

5) All visits have finished the feast in a conventional way but guess its time to get drunk  haha

6) If getting drunk makes my hero skip the storyline I would not be very happy

7) Haven't found the special dish yet I think, I'm sure I would know if I had

8) Yes I have asked if Thorn is a vampire, his costume certainly lends to that thinking

9) Don't really know what a right or wrong question is  lol

10) The first time I visited I thought of Thorn more as a foe after the feast but not with the other hero's/visits

11) I did not lie to Thorn

12) I did accept Mr. Thorn's special offer  :)

13) I didn't try to flirt with Thorn, I let Zory do that  lol  Really did enjoy all the storyline

14) Not sure about visiting at night??  Only daylight when out of the palace and only night was the bedroom at the beginning when we explore what we can on that floor that I experienced... but I explore all & find secrets in the area before sleeping  :)

15) Torch puzzle was very good I thought, not easy but that's good!  Had a bug the first time with losing a torch that Random fixed quite quickly I thought  :)

16) I chose to work together with Mr. Thorn

17) I visited every nook and cranny I could find  lol  Found lots of things inside and out back... took a bit to figure out how to open the crypt in the back

18) Found production boosts, food, crystals, figurine, microscope and lots of other goodies  :))

19) I have found 5 secrets so far in Thornsville

20) Have only seen the gem pile say over half  lol

21) I liked the conversations in Thornsville and that the advisors get involved, have had many chuckles. I have had a chance to respond differently with different hero's and to me its all good

22) I really enjoy Thornsville and like Karfaree they are locations to relax, find things, chuckle, figure out ways to do things... not really like the original Totem Tribe but just as good or better.  I also do everything I can in all of the main quest locations... still can't find all the secrets tho  lol

23) I think the size of Thornsville is perfect, wouldn't change a thing that way and wouldn't like it split up

24)  I have yet to determine just who Mr. Thorn is... will wait for Gypsy Camp to be implemented to decide  :)

25) Love that especially the first time there I felt lost sometimes, so much to explore and figure out!!  Also so much better after the update that had a chest put in the thorn maze... still can't figure out how to get all those snakes tamed  lol  Truly a fantastic location with an incredible variety of surprises  :)  Very Well Done!!  Hope I've answered all and that it helps encourage more locations like this  :D

5 months ago

Doing the survey again after having done Thorns 4 times.

1.  First time took a long time although I did not rush, subsequent times I could get through it in a few hours.

2.  I suspect I am in the minority, but I loved the thorns and had no issues with them on all 4 occasions.

3.  Still think he is creepy - but an interesting new character.

4.  Did not worry - just went with the flow and chose something. (The Riddler visitor is the one for not having the right answer).

5.  Had the feast.

6.  went with the story each time but it is a good idea to have the skip option as for none native English speakers it must be difficult.

7.  No

8.  No

9.  some right and some wrong

10.  I think he might be useful, but still do not trust him

11.  No I did not lie to him - thought it would backfire on me if I did.

12.  I do not think so

13.  No flirting - left that to the bomb bimbo - I mean advisor!

14.  Yes - and think I found everything, though once I drank something and felt asleep.

15.  I managed most of it by myself but could not end the last section right! got very frustrated but luckily we have some clever ones in the alliance who helped me out!

16.  Ended each with agreeing to help after asking my advisors opinions

17.  Yes explored all and found lots of goodies

18.  All sorts, armour, food, manuals, snakes, flowers etc

19.  6

20.  All the gems and got the reward

21.  I do get fed up of the dialogues, but Mr Thorns was interesting in that I wanted ti know what he was up to, although I did not trust him.

22.  Love all the quest locations and Thorns I think was an improvement.  I do not do much of Karfaree as there is too much talking to people, and going backwards and forwards - espcially getting Mr R deal done which is tedious, so I just do not bother with it now.  Just do what I need to do to get to Thorns.

23.It is a good size and I am hoping that in the later story line we return there to open the locked doors.

24.  No idea

25.  Nothing to add

5 months ago