SPOILER: Survey to those who have beaten several Mines

  1. How many mines have you completed, state their names.
  2. What have you found inside of them? Enemies, traps section, 'spot the difference' puzzle, steam puzzle, mirrors puzzle etc.
  3. How big/long did you feel the mines were? Too big, too short, just right, etc. Different mines have different size so state which one you are talking about.
  4. What kind of items have you found inside?
  5. Have you found secrets in the mines? If so, how many of them? The secret is indicated by special sound and message in the log - "secret found".
  6. If you have found a secret, what do you think about them - is it a good addition or too much of a gimmick?
  7. What about gems? Have you found them all? How hard were they?
  8. Hidden consumable items - were they useful? How many of them have you found? How many blueprints/figurines?
  9. How hard were the enemies in your mines?
  10. How hard was traps section? 
  11. Did you figure it out before or after trying to press plates by hero and reading hints? 
  12. Did you figure it out on your own, or asked friends for help?
  13. How hard was 'spot the difference' puzzle? Easy enough, hard enough, too hard, just right?
  14. How hard was steam puzzle? Did you figure it out on your own, or asked friends for help?
  15. How do you find steam puzzle comparing with beacon puzzle from the dungeons?
  16. How hard was mirrors puzzle? Easy enough, hard enough, too hard, just right?
  17. What was the overall feel of the mines? How do they fit with the rest of the game? What was you first impression when you explored them? Did they felt like TT1 adventures? How do they compate to caves and dungeons?
  18. How do you find Stakhanoff's story and the mines' setting in general?
  19. What do you think about the conclusion of the mines quest?
  20. State any other things you have found interesting in the mines, not mentioned specifically above.

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1 week 1 day ago

I have only done 3 Old, Spooky and Collapsed. I finished 2 of them. 

I have found monsters, traps, spot the difference, steam

size is just fine

ore is what I find mostly

I found 2 secrets

I like secrets

do not look for gems, if I see them I pick them up

have not found any consumables items

enemies are ok, I beat them eventually 

traps were or are a challenge to figure out sometimes

after plate was pushed

I like the spot the difference, took me a bit to figure out what I was supposed to do, but your questions on this survey helped a lot

I figured out the steam puzzle (that is why I am here I am so proud of myself) (pats on back) now it was an easy one but I did it.

You have to really think about which direction to point the pipes. I like them both about the same.

have not found a mirror puzzle yet

the rest of the questions I will wait until I have done all the mines to answer. 

But to sum it up "Nice job" Thank you so much for making me think. they are not easy but not too terribly hard after you figure out what to do. 

6 days ago

  1. 5 - Old, Haunted, Spooky, Derelict and Collapsed
  2. Enemies - ghosts, worms, golems, muscards. I found traps section, 'spot the difference' puzzle, mirrors puzzle, no steam puzzle yet
  3. Mines are just right. All of them, i like different size/long
  4. Gems, crystals, as in other places
  5. Only 2, one accidentally. I see walls in most mines but i cannot find how to go there. In Old my hero go to black and i cannot see her flag.
  6. I do not know yet.
  7. I found in some mines all, in some i still need to search. Not too hard.
  8. 1 Blueprint
  9. I fought only few of them, golems i will leave for later
  10. Not to hard
  11. Before - i chose different number of skulls
  12. On my own
  13. Just right
  14. I do not know yet
  15. I do not know yet
  16. Just right
  17. I like it. They fit well with rest of game. Joy.
  18. I need to find more about Stakhanoff
  19. Not yet.

2 days ago

1. Have completed (apart from secrets)  Old, Haunted and  Collapsed and most of Derelict (worms section to finish) and Spooky (steam puzzle to solve)

2. Have found spiders, worms, skeleton enemies ... traps, spot the difference, mirrors and a steam puzzle

3. I felt the mine lengths were just about right, liked that they were different

4. Apart from ores and crystals I have found Days of the Army, Coins, Savings Policies

5. Haven't found any secrets yet but haven't spent time looking for them yet

7. Have found all gems in Old, Haunted and Collapsed ... not specifically looked in the other 2 mines yet just picked up what I saw at a glance

8. Haven't found any blueprints or figurines

9. I don't know if the enemies are harder or if it is just the fact that I wouldn't normally attack them with the troops I have available at this point but the worms have eaten very well and they are now on a starvation diet so that they will be feeling weak and ready to die by the time I have some decent troops.  Had a bit of trouble with the biggest spiders but all were eventually squashed and are history :D.  No problems with skeletons.

10. Traps are great, difficulty good.  I love the different ways you have created the skulls, it is very easy to overlook some initially so they require careful studying. Count, count and count again :D.

11 & 12. A friend told me after I said I had died but there was also a message stone on the other side of the trap ... clever that you die coming back but not going. I thought I had escaped, should have known better lol.

13. I found the STD puzzles slightly difficult to start with but once on a roll I now love them and think the difficulty level is just right.

14 & 15. I am finding the steam puzzle quite hard even with a friend's help. I started off ok but got lost somewhere along the way just like I do with the beacon puzzles.  I am sure I would be able to do them all of them eventually if it was just possible to zoom out of the close up and see the whole of the area in one go ... any change of that option please pretty please.

16. I like the mirror puzzles, they are simple but it is possible to make a mistake unless you have a photographic memory.

17. I loved them, they are as much fun exploring as the caves and dungeons and fit in well with the game. Thank you for adding them :).

18 & 19. Need to do more mines first.

20. I like the fact that you can go back and mine more ores and crystals to help supplement your equipment repair stock but the best part about that is the length that you are actually mining. Standing there for one or two minutes encourages you to take the time out to mine (guessing that it will go up a minute each time you mine a better ore or crystal) and is much better than being told to stand there for 50 minutes to try and catch a fish.

Great job all involved :))).

2 days ago